The new Apple iPad Pro is an amazing computer. It is the ultimate vision of the concept of iPad first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2011.

With the power of the new A12X Bionic chip, new edge-to-edge display, and support for the new Apple Pencil, the new iPads are able to transform how customer-facing people work everyday. And with iOS 12.1, the devices can do even more to drive productivity.

ipad pro Bigtincan

In addition to all of these amazing new capabilities, the new iPads have introduced a new screen resolution and aspect ratio, a departure from the traditional 4:3 layouts of past models. This has created an interesting challenge for many existing apps that are now displayed on these new devices with dark bars on the sides - not a great experience for users.

However, at Bigtincan, we have always believed that it’s important our customers have a great experience by ensuring our products work in the way they were designed to work across all devices - including those that introduce new screen formats and sizes.  As one of the first Apple Mobility Partner Program members, Bigtincan design and engineering teams work closely with Apple designers to strengthen our product’s commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience.

Keeping to that commitment, we are pleased to announce that the Bigtincan family of products, including both Bigtincan Hub and Bigtincan Zunos, are optimized for Day 0 support of the new devices. 

Our apps have been optimized to take advantage of the new speedy CPU, Apple Pencil, and full support for the new screen formats, delivering the beautiful full screen UI/UX our customers expect.

To find out more about how Bigtincan works with iOS12.1 and the new iPads, please feel free to contact our team here.