We’ve always believed in the power of experience.

Enterprise sales tools and corporate training programs should offer the same quality and usability of apps — like Youtube and Instagram — that we use every day.

That’s why we designed Bigtincan specifically for the native mobile experience. If you’re going to use an app as a primary channel for engaging with customers and internal communications, it must provide a top-tier experience.

Since 2015, Bigtincan has been a member of the Apple Mobility Partner Program. Our team worked closely with Apple’s design team to design our platform, ensuring our sales enablement tools run seamlessly with iOS, and has the look and feel of a native iOS application.

We did not stop there. Our platform is device agnostic and is also compatible with Windows and Android operating systems to accommodate the preferences of our customers.

Bigtincan’s sales enablement for mobile devices is a big deal — here’s why it matters specifically for iOS users.

What is Apple’s Mobility Partner Program?

Apple’s Mobility Partner Program (MPP) is a network of mobile solution providers chosen by Apple through a rigorous vetting process. Participants span a wide range of market segments and use cases, from accounting tools to CRMs.

From Bigtincan, being an official MPP member means we’re directly involved in new iOS updates, which puts us in a position to take full advantage of the latest upgrades and features.

This means that all of the features included in Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform — from intelligent automation and content management to guided selling and document automation — are always ready to go when there’s an OS update.

As long as users update their Bigtincan app they’ll be able to continue working as usual, with full access to sales collateral, training materials, and internal communication tools. Bigtincan connects users to their full suite of services through a customizable, full-screen UI/UX, on par with the apps they use in their personal lives.

Why mobile compatibility for sales matters for end users

Every iOS release brings new features and much-needed bug fixes.

Updates are a core element in keeping your systems secure, patching up security holes and offering protection against malicious software.

But along with the benefits that Apple’s OS updates promise, they can also cause some major headaches — particularly for IT teams.

It is not uncommon for applications to stop working or perform poorly following an update. Individuals using Apple devices for personal use experience a minor inconvenience that can be resolved by updating the device. For businesses that rely on these devices to run core business applications, however, an update can put a real wrench in your organization’s productivity. From minor inconveniences like clicking approval permission boxes for all of your applications to full-on downtime, updates aren’t such a simple process.

In the context of sales, update complications could make the difference between big wins and missed opportunities.

And often, IT teams need to be pulled from current projects to ensure that their corporate apps will function properly with the new update — meaning lost time and productivity.

Bigtincan helps organizations get ahead of this problem by updating our platform to be compatible with each iOS update.

How Bigtincan’s Apple iOS compatibility benefits your sales and service teams

Let’s admit it, driving user adoption is hard. How many times have you tried to introduce a new project management tool or CRM, then abandoned ship shortly thereafter?

Creating great experiences for individuals drives adoption across your sales organization, giving you the ability to solve business challenges and realize business value.

Mobile-first design and delivery

Bigtincan’s mobile compatibility for sales software allows us to deliver content to users' devices automatically. Because our platform is device-agnostic, users receive the same experience no matter which device they use — allowing sellers to switch between their smartphone, tablet, and laptop without skipping a beat.

What’s more, that tight compatibility ensures that sellers can access all of their sales collateral on-the-go (on or offline) and deliver top-notch presentations using virtually any file format. Sellers can also share content with customers and log meetings to CRM from the device of their choice.

Consumer-grade digital experiences

Mobile-based sales enablement means that Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform connects information from multiple sources in one seamless interface. There’s no portal to log into, and push-to-offline capabilities and fast load times ensure easy access, on-demand.

It also gives sales teams the ability to use modern mobile tools like their camera, microphone, notifications, and location services along with the core features of our sales enablement software.

Customizable branding

Our platform can be custom-tailored to match your brand’s aesthetic, your internal workflows, and your unique tech stack. Customization goes beyond changing the color of your reports and adding a logo to various documentation — it extends to your connected data sources, content controls, skills training programs, and content delivery routing.

iOS compatibility ensures that all of these elements work together seamlessly. Sellers work in your brand, on their own devices, and in a personalized theme.

Wrapping up

For on-the-go sales teams, sales enablement for mobile devices means sellers can use iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple Watch for work, leveraging features like FaceID, OS5 notifications, the Apple Pencil, and more — in an attractive, user-friendly environment. For the enterprise, it eliminates the stress and frustration that comes when teams begin updating their devices.

Ultimately, working with Apple allows Bigtincan to create sales enablement tools for sales, service, and marketing teams that mirror the experiences they have with consumer apps — and pass that great experience on to the buyer.

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