If you are in sales, customer success, customer support, or any other customer-facing role, you spend a lot of time speaking with customers.  It may be time to elevate your presentation skills.

In all likelihood, you are reasonably good at your job and deliver the information required.


Are you delivering that information in a manner that achieves your desired outcomes?

Too many of us "follow the script" run through our demo, forgetting to breathe, much less listen to our customers.

While practice is vital, practicing with solid fundamentals is critical.

Here are a few simple tricks for improving your presentation skills.

Use Confident Body Language

You might not feel the most confident in your presentation, but you can fake it 'til you make it using the power of body language. Hold a powerful stance and show you're confidence by smiling and making eye contact. If your eyes are darting all over the place, you're shaking, or you're tapping your fingers, everyone will know you're nervous. These behaviors could make them uncomfortable, and they may tune out what you're saying.

Keep your shoulders back, your arms to the side or out front for making gestures, and keep your hands open. This pose will exude confidence!

Exercise Before You Present

While you certainly don't want to be sweating while you're in your presentation, it's actually to your benefit if you get in some exercise earlier in the day before your presentation. Physical activity boosts endorphins which are helpful for anxiety. Whether you go for a run, lift some weights, or opt for a swim, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you get moving!

Take a Pause

Nerves tend to make us speak faster, making our presentations more challenging to follow.

And that could lead your audience to miss valuable pieces of information.

Your speech will be easier to understand if you incorporate an appropriate number of pauses throughout to emphasize points and be more conversational, which audiences prefer for presentations.

If there comes the point when you can tell you're moving through your material at a rapid pace, pause, take a breath, and move forward being more intentional about your speed.

Get to Your Meeting Early

If you're giving your presentation in a conference room at work, you may already be familiar with the space where you're presenting.

But in many cases, you'll be setting foot in the area for the first time when you're presenting. You can practice your presentation during your downtime all you want, but this isn't a substitute for actually adapting to the space where you'll be speaking.

The earlier you can get to the meeting location where you'll be presenting, the better. This extra time allows you to get comfortable in the space and test out any equipment you'll be using.

Practice Your Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice plays a crucial role in your presenting skills -- it will be an essential factor in determining how your audience perceives you.

For example, your audience may perceive you as timid, captivating, condescending, or persuasive based on your tone of voice alone.

The tone of voice makes up 84% of verbal communication, with the remaining 16% is the words themselves. So the way you're speaking is more important than what you're saying!

If you can practice your tone of voice and improve it based on the objectives of your presentation, you will significantly enhance your presentation skills!

Master Your Presentation Skills

Using these five tips, you will instantly become better at presenting, no matter the context.

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