Those of us who lived through it will always remember 2020 - and nothing that a tech company says can properly address the impact this past year has had on people, so we won't try to do that here. That's something for each of us to do with our loved ones and communities to try to make the world a better place.

For Bigtincan, 2020 reinforced how we think about the impact of our company and our products, as well as opened our mind about the way the technology we create will have an even larger impact on the world in the years to come.

This past year has tested the Bigtincan global team more than any other period in our company’s history. And as we head into 2021, we know that in our new world of remote work, helping customer-facing workers through digital enablement is more important than ever.

To be successful in this new economy, every business needs to focus on enabling each person to be better prepared and more informed before they engage with today’s smarter and more informed buyers. This must happen while providing the business (marketers, management, operations, etc) more insight into what is happening in an increasingly remote world.

Furthermore, the pace of work itself has increased to the point where organizations in all vertical markets understand that without digital tools to assist their teams, they will not be able to compete with organizations who are embracing digital and mobile.

And that is happening in a world where it's more and more difficult to connect physically with team members, meaning that technology is needed to help bridge that divide and will be critical to deliver the information and skills teams need.

We are seeing this more and more with our customers - enterprise organizations that need digital tools with a consumer-like approach to deliver the information that their employees need in a way they like to work. Remember that engagement is key, and it will be the tools that bring that consumer feel to enterprise workers that will make the difference.

Bigtincan’s technology focus

During FY20, our company added over 100 features and new capabilities to our platforms across 5 major operating systems. These technology adds are part of the ongoing commitment that Bigtincan is making to continue to build value over the long term, ensuring our products continue to lead the market. This will enable us to continue to differentiate and win more than our fair share of new and expansion enterprise business.

Some of these developments include enhancements to Bigtincan 3D technology that allows customers to create 3D (AR and VR) models and place them inside the Bigtincan platform.

Bigtincan 3D allows users to experience products and offerings virtually. I personally see AR being something of significance in coming years, especially as companies like Apple continue to add new features to its products to support advanced AR. For those of you that have the iPhone 12 Pro, the built in LIDAR sensor allows for next-generation AR and it's only getting better.

Another advanced feature called Bigtincan PitchBuilder allows users to create dynamic presentations both online and offline, combining pages from different approved materials to create customized pitches. This technology is helping users to be better prepared whilst using their own experience and skills to craft the material they need to use when they need it.

Ongoing additional features being added to the Bigtincan Public API allows customers to build their own integrations and content that connects to the Bigtincan core system. We continue to believe that this development is important to our future.

With that said, one more notable addition to our platform is our “Gradcap” feature that provides an integration between Bigtincan content and Bigtincan Learning in a way that connects users together whilst still allowing them to access each system independently.

We believe that our focus on the product and technology in 2020 (and in years gone) has really helped our current users and admins in this time of ongoing digital transformation.

Let's talk about some numbers:

Over the last 12 months, Bigtincan’s customers created over 100 million engagement events with the platform. Now that's a significant number! This shows the growing use and adoption of the Bigtincan platform to deliver the content, skills, materials, and information that users need in the digital and remote economy.

For example, we had over 15 million course completions across 140 thousand different learning content types and over 8 million content assets were added to the system.

And I think interestingly enough, given the pandemic, there was a 74% increase in Bigtincan Hub-driven customer meetings recorded in the system. That really shows how important the products are for folks who are now working remotely.


Partnerships have always been one of the strategies that has been helpful in both creating and supporting growth at Bigtincan. They have also served as a competitive advantage by growing strong connections with distribution channels and strategic partners.

In 2020, we added a set of new distribution partners including Covalent and TBI in the USA, and strategic partners including JAMF, Webinfinity, Matterport and Fedex.

To help our partners grow in these uncertain times, we conducted more than 4,400 partner touch points throughout the year.

We also announced that we were selected by Microsoft as a launch partner for the integration of third party technology into the Microsoft Teams product via the new meeting extensibility program for third-party apps created by Microsoft. The integration extends Bigtincan’s sales engagement capabilities to this popular enterprise chat, collaboration, and online meeting platform.

Mergers and acquisitions

During the past financial year we announced the acquisition of XINN for their document automation software popular in the financial services market, Asdeq Labs for their core content processing and forms technology, and Veelo for their inside sales and guided selling enablement approach.

These companies have added to the core Bigtincan platform and now join the other acquisitions conducted in 2017 and 2018 that have delivered value to all our customers. These acquisitions will continue to add to the product roadmap for many years to come and are a key part of how we build Bigtincan for that future.

In October, we announced Bigtincan’s acquisition of Agnitio who makes a very interesting technology piece for remote selling and digital sales rooms. Although Agnitio’s technology was created and tailored for the life sciences market with all the governance and compliance requirements needed for that market, we plan to have Agnitio tech added to our standard products for all customers in the future.

The Bigtincan team

Bigtincan is growing, but it's not just the growth in numbers of people, it's our focus on our people that counts. We believe in fairness in our employment model and provide the right incentives to each person with that fairness and equity at the core. That includes making share options available to every full-time Bigtincan employee so that they are aligned with the interests of investors, each other, and the company as a whole.

We have also made an internal commitment to the social justice movement with Bigtincan teams around the world sharing their stories and experiences with others in ways that I can say was one of my most impactful personal experiences in 2020.

Looking forward to 2021

As we head into 2021, our 10th Birthday as a company, all of us at Bigtincan continue to recognize the impacts of the pandemic on people and the economy.

We clearly believe in a more digital and mobile world, and with Bigtincan technology key to that shift, we are committed to helping all our community of customers, team members, shareholders, and our wider community to be the best we can in 2021.

Thank you for all your support in 2020! I'd love to hear your experiences and what we can do here to be a better business partner, and better corporate citizen for the future in the comments below.