It’s always interesting to understand how new features come to be, and since this week brings with it a new release of bigtincan hub to the Apple App store, We’d like to share a few bits of how some key features came to life.

Listening to our customers:  When you come right down to it, the people using our product every day know what works for them and what challenges them. So when they engage with us on what we can improve, change and enhance, we listen. It’s that simple.

Our customers and users alike are quite diverse. We have fortune 500 customers across a number of market verticals, spanning from financial institutions, manufacturers of machinery and goods to pharmaceuticals and health care providers – it’s really quite a community of mobile users. These customers in turn use bigtincan hub to engage and service their customers in unique and interestingly enough, very similar ways.

Presentation mode:  We saw a number of common use cases where our customers use bigtincan hub to engage with their customers, for example in presenting materials, filling forms, using cost and goods calculators to fill orders and provide estimates. These mobile field sales and service workers can engage their customers at a moment’s notice, and immediately show and share content from their iPad. However, for the ‘let me show you’ moments, users saw a need to have greater privacy when engaging in the field; a need to have the ability to hide the internal comments, and subscribers of the content and simply present the relevant content with no distractions. So with this customer insight in mind, we added a new privacy ‘Presentation Mode’ which allows users to hide comments, subscribers, and descriptions.

Made for iPhone:  Sometimes all you have in your hand is your iPhone, and you need to simply get some thoughts down, perhaps quickly create or modify a document, spreadsheet, or perhaps capture a description about a meeting, then put it all in bigtincan hub where your colleagues and manager can access it. We know you can do all this with the iPhone. But chances are, you’ll need separate apps that are not part of bigtincan hub, and when using something else you’ll need to retrieve, and then upload it to bigtincan hub at a later time to get your job done. It could be tedious, and you may lose something along the way. Well you’ll be happy to know we’ve added the ability to Create and Edit Smart Folders using your iPhone. So now, right at your fingertips, you can create or edit a Smart Folder, add and modify files, add a web link, and then set up your sharing and collaboration settings for it. The best part is that you can do it all from your iPhone, and its all available in bigtincan hub – safe, secure and available.

Smart Folder Aliasing:  A big part of bigtincan hub is about making content easily and readily available across a number of business units inside the company. The folks responsible for that content are what we call the ‘Publishers’, and publishers need to be focused on content creation, not about cut and paste, copying, and moving files around. Publishers shouldn’t be bogged down with repetitive tasks; it simply kills their creative juices and makes them less efficient. We hear you, and with that in mind, publishers can now create, and update their Smart Folders once, then using an Alias, instantly have the Smart Folder available across a number of different Streams simultaneously. Smart Folder Aliasing is all about efficiency, eliminating redundant tasks, and making content fresh and now.

Enhanced Content IQ:  As you know, one of the amazing things about bigtincan hub lies in its ability to surface content for users in a meaningful and suggestive way – to drive work efficiencies rather than have users hunt and peck through potentially thousands of folders and files in a system. We call it “Content IQ”, and with that in mind, many of our customers wanted to provide an alternative way of instantly showing how much a piece of content is ‘Liked’. Essentially they wanted to quickly rate the content with ‘Stars’, which for them was more meaningful than a single ‘Like’. So with the release of our 4.04 bigtincan hub app, users can now use Stars to quickly rate how much they thought a piece of content or Smart Folder was useful and meaningful. Naturally we’ve also incorporated the Stars rating into our intelligent Content IQ algorithms to automatically leverage the ratings all across bigtincan hub to surface and suggest content to users, creating a knowledge-sharing network.

Adding Color to your Notes:  Users simply love to make things personal and unique to them, and so we’ve provided the ability to add unique background colors to your Notes. You can perhaps use the colors to indicate the level of importance or urgency associated with the time the Note was made. So when you’re typing or writing in free-form, using drawing tools to create diagrams and shapes, adding pictures or videos, or recording a voice message, add a little color to bring visual meaning to your Note.

Sync and share made easy:  In this mobile world we live in, we understand users have data and files living in multiple cloud storage locations. This may be a personal choice or more importantly, required by another customer or partner sharing content with them and using a sync and share tool. Whatever the need may be, bigtincan hub can connect and access those disparate file holders and bring them under one user interface for ease of use and ready access.

We’re excited to be expanding our existing connectivity, which already includes access to OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, to now include WebDav. WebDav can be seen as a great swiss army knife that adds to the flexibility of connecting to any WebDav enabled file service either on-prem or in the cloud.

The HTML home screen experience :  As you know, one of our key differentiators is the ability to deliver a beautiful, fully and completely branded, customized home screen that’s unique to each customer’s mobile device needs and requirements. Now with our 4.04 release we have made available new APIs allowing companies to easily create our powerful HTML5 home screen experience across iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets alike – build once, run everywhere.

Language support for a global customer base:  We have customers from all over the globe and the need to work and feel comfortable in their own native language is key to a good experience. So with this release we’ve added support for over 16 different languages:

• Chinese (CN)
• Chinese (HK)
• Danish (DK)
• English (GB)
• English (US)
• French (FR)
• German (DE)
• Italian (IT)
• Japanese (JP)
• Korean (KR)
• Norwegian (NO)
• Portuguese (PT)
• Russian (RU)
• Spanish (ES)
• Swedish (SE)
• Thai (TH)
• Turkish (TURKEY)

There’s a lot more, but I’ll leave a bit to your imagination until you have a look for yourself. That’s a wrap for now, and by the way if you haven’t tried bigtincan hub, get yourself to the App Store, install bigtincan hub, and select “Try Demo”. Let us know what you think.