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How GDPR Affects Sales and Marketing Processes



Cold Calling

GDPR does not sales people from making calls to potential customers, but sales people should record when they made the call and how long the call lasted. It’s also important to track whether the prospect was open to being contacted again.




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Emailing Prospects and Customers

This is one area where GDPR rules can be confusing. Sending emails could be regarded as direct marketing – which is a legitimate approach to selling under GDPR – but direct marketing does fall under the separate ePrivacy Regulation, which is very strict on how the recipients give their consent to be contacted.

The line here is drawn directly in regards to how these  emails treat the recipient’s right to privacy, consent, and right to be forgotten.



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Website Tracking

Information obtained through website tracking and cookies can provide marketers and salespeople with critical details. But of course, the data you collect about the recipient’s interactions with the website will now qualify as personal data – which means it will be subject to the GDPR.

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