How we learn is changing. People take in new information constantly. No matter where you go, information is always easily accessible. Why should your employee training be any different? Make your employee training mobile and continuous with a single app that is easy to use and your employees will love.




Break it down into bite-sized pieces

Put away your binders full of paper and hours of out-dated videos and stop making your employees bite off more than they can chew. Create training courses that your employees can digest one step at a time. Quickly build custom training courses, then deliver them straight to your employees. Reinforce key knowledge with quizzes to help employees retain more information than ever before.

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Make training available anytime

Empower your employees to take learning into their own hands with a training platform that goes anywhere. With Zunos, employees can see all the information you provide from a single app that’s available on mobile or desktop, online or offline. You’ll have all the tools you need to push out quality information to your people continuously and they’ll always have that information right at their fingertips.

Enhance the experience with events

Good training is measured by employee engagement and experience. Take learning one step further by bringing people together for in-person classroom learning. Plan and carry out a live learning event using the Zunos platform. Send out invites, track attendees, schedule breakout sessions, and even gather meal requests for those who attend. With Zunos, creating a dynamic learning experience is easy.

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