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Improving Deal Outcomes – Building Sales Playbooks that Get Used

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Tyler von Loesecke - Director of Marketing & Demand Gen, Bigtincan

John Moore - VP of Revenue Enablement, Bigtincan

Robin Griffiths - Founder & CEO, BPM Works

Paul Geraghty - Head of Selling Knowledge Development, BPM Works

Jeff Sheldon - Director of Sales Ops and Analytics, Clarus

Get the inside track on how to build Sales Playbooks that get adopted and deliver business value. You’ll also get practical advice on how to capture the type of selling knowledge your best 20% of performers use to generate success. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the Definitive Guide to Sales Playbooks, created by Bigtincan in partnership with BPM Works. 

What to expect:

  • Learn the different ways to structure the information in a sales playbook to encourage ongoing usage. 
  • Find out how to deal with information overload. 
  • Discuss what should and shouldn’t be in a sales playbook. 
Watch the Replay

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