Take advantage of guided selling in every phase of the sales cycle

Bigtincan Hub’s SalesAI technology provides sales content management capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. With automated and intelligent content provisioning, it provides guided selling in every phase of the sales cycle.

SalesAI watches and learns from sales, marketing and field service activities. It tracks and analyzes prospect engagements and customer interactions, along with other contextual elements and critical success factors. Using advanced analytics, it delivers real-time recommendations on the best and most relevant content to use to quickly maximize the effectiveness of any customer interaction – and optimizes it for success.

As usage grows over time, SalesAI makes Bigtincan Hub smarter, enabling it to make more relevant and contextually accurate recommendations. Sales team members can leverage those recommendations, and their associated content, to improve performance – and drive more success and customer engagement.

The Bigtincan Hub SalesAI technology leverages the full range of customer situational data to enhance business results:

  • Help salespeople and other employees be better prepared.
  • Collaborate with colleagues more effectively.
  • Build trust with customers.