Training doesn’t stick

87% of training content is
forgotten within 30 days

Magnifying Glass

Hide and seek assets

65% of sales reps say they
can’t find content to share
with prospects


Too many manual tasks

37% of a sales rep’s time
is spent actually selling


Mediocre performance

42% of sales reps fail
to achieve quota

Missed opportunities

65% of content is
unused by sales

Bigtincan’s sales automation redefines the sales cycle

Sales and marketing teams can automatically provide their best and most relevant content directly to buyers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Users can also broadcast presentations to other devices, even if their owners aren’t Bigtincan® Hub™ users.

The platform also supports dynamic HTML5 content, advanced widgets, and links to other automated apps, allowing users to access content or even play videos in the hub without an Internet connection.

Salespeople need accurate, up-to-the-minute product information at the ready, so they can always be prepared for meetings, calls, and impromptu interactions. Our sales enablement platform uses AI to deliver the right content to the right users based on role, industry, event, and more.

With AI-powered real-time content recommendations and automated content delivery, Bigtincan solves the daily challenges that cause salespeople to be ineffective and marketers to be inefficient.

Bigtincan unlocks new and more effective ways for teams to increase sales velocity and deliver more positive and efficient buying experiences. Training and coaching reside in the same platform as content management, engagement metrics, and AI-driven recommendations to make sure your team is always prepared for any selling situation.

Bigtincan Hub’s content analytics offers real-time visibility into how prospects use content — and which content is helping or hurting your deals. From there, you can use insights to create your sales enablement playbook, automating the processes perfected by top performers.

You’ll learn what’s valuable to your users, allowing you to present the most relevant content to users throughout the sales cycle.

Bigtincan sales enablement software revolutionizes how sales, service, & marketing interact with content

Bigtincan Hub

Bigtincan Zunos

Bring in training content and existing materials by connecting third-party learning systems to Bigtincan Zunos.  Zunos combines digital learning with instructor-led training sessions, on-demand content libraries, and mobile access.

Onboard new employees faster and more effectively by making training mobile and ongoing with a single app that automatically delivers the most relevant materials to the right person at each phase. When new sales reps join the team, seasoned pros can show them the ropes, while onboarding videos and written content can pick up the slack. While an initial training is great for getting new hires up to speed, 87% of the information received is soon forgotten. Bigtincan Learning automatically delivers learning materials through a flexible learning management system, so training can take place via our onboarding sales app in bite-size sessions on any device.

Create training courses employees can take in, one small bite at a time. Quickly build custom microlearning modules and then deliver them straight to your employees. Boost retention rates with quizzes that help employees retain more information than ever before.

Zunos helps organizations transform their training programs with gamification features that make learning fun. Use goals, milestones, and even a dash of healthy competition to keep learners invested in the training process.

What can Bigtincan’s sales enablement automation do for your business?

Sales enablement software empowers sales and marketing teams to drive more wins

Bigtincan is a sales enablement software platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and designed to help the entire revenue team align on a more customer-centric, results-oriented approach. From IT to marketing to sales and customer care, your entire organization can come together to deliver a better customer experience, powered by content.

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