Bigtincan’s customer support and success teams are dedicated to make sure that each and every one of our customers have a smooth and painless deployment experience. Once deployed, we remain available for support, training, and ongoing maintenance.


Bigtincan’s 4 phase onboarding process:

  • Phase 1: Content Audit
  • Phase 2: Core System Deployment
  • Phase 3: Increasing Value
  • Phase 4: Measuring, Learning, and Adjusting


  • Administration Training takes place during phase 1 of onboarding to ensure that the administrator can perform standard operations such as management of the content structure, groups, and end users
  • Content Creator Training occurs during onboarding as well.  A focus on content creation, curation, and optimization is the focus as it is critical that content can be easily navigated to or discovered as appropriate to meet the customer’s use case(s)
  • End user training is generally provided at the end of onboarding.  We help customers in two ways:
    • Materials to assist the customer to train their own end users
    • Training delivery (in person or remote) if customer wants Bigtincan to deliver

Content Creation, Curation, and Optimization

The majority of Bigtincan customers have existing content spread throughout their business in a range of repositories (e.g. Jive, SharePoint, Box, etc…).  Content discovery, optimization, and curation services are available to ensure that the right content is being delivered to users through Bigtincan with a focus on goal achievement.  The customer’s Customer Success Manager actively partners to ensure that appropriate reports/analytics are made available to determine usage and content effectiveness.  This is critical as:

  • Too much content, especially unnecessary or bad content, reduces the ability of end users to find the right content at the right time.
  • Guide content creators to create content for areas with insufficient information in the most appropriate format(s) for their end users.

Throughout a customer’s lifetime, their Customer Success Manager will perform quarterly reviews which will include ongoing review and measurement of the customer’s content to as part of a continuous optimization process.

Contact Customer Support

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