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What Should Marketers Do Differently in 2016?


If marketers want to be successful in 2016 they need to be smarter about content. Today’s mobile enterprise can no longer support the content-overload approach that it historically has taken. To be smarter about content, marketers must have access to actionable content analytics—such as what specific slides are being used with prospects throughout the sales lifecycle or which pieces of content are regularly used in deals that don’t convert. With this type of knowledge, marketers can be smarter about content relevancy, including creating content that will help sales teams be more successful at each stage of the selling cycle, eliminating content that’s not resonating with customers and prospects, and streamlining the content creation process to help sales reps close more deals and demonstrate ROI to executives.

Marketers also need to change the way content finds its way to the sales team. Instead of asking salespeople to search through files and folders, what if the right content was always at their fingertips, when and how they needed it? When marketers can deliver the right content at the right time to sales teams, reps are able to make the most out of every customer interaction, increasing conversion rates and market share. With so much existing marketing content going unused, it’s time for marketers to take a hard look at how their materials are being used across the entire organization.

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