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What is your Earliest Memory of Learning?  

I remember the joy of reading when I was a child.  I read everything from Curious George to the dictionary, from the Hardy Boys to the encyclopedia.  I wanted to learn it all.

I remember my mom spending time with me going through flash cards as I learned my ABCs and 123s.

Oh, yes, and best of all I remember learning the power of music by listening to Bugs Bunny cartoons every Saturday morning.

I found great joy when I moved from these self-taught and one-on-one learning opportunities into the classroom.  While in my younger days I mostly learned about kickball and eating glue from my classmates, the power of the classroom, whether from the teacher to the class or in classmate collaboration, demonstrated to me a richer, more impactful, way to learn.

As I began my career working on Lotus 1-2-3, I saw the power of technology in the early days of the PC revolution to enable sharing of information and learning.  As I moved forward in my career, I worked on Lotus Notes and my mind was blown: this was a transformative solution for learning and communications unlike anything I had ever seen before.

These experiences, and the opportunities I had to work with, and learn from, the best in the industry made it clear to me the key role that technology could play in streamlining how people could learn.  Through this blog series I’ll share with you my thinking on many items:

  • How Bigtincan helps businesses meet their learning needs, ranging from self-paced learning, for one to many and many to one scenarios, and ultimately for rich collaborative learning
  • How learning standards have evolved from AICC, SCORM, xAPI, CMI5 and more
  • And the range of learning approaches from traditional classroom setting and prescriptive learning, to AI driven learning and social learning trends

We have a long journey ahead, so I am going to grab an apple and a cup of coffee before I begin diving in.  I do hope you’ll meet me back here and join me in conversation as we take this journey together.


John Moore

John Moore Vice President, Customer Success


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