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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations

Sales professionals know that giving a successful presentation can be the difference between closing a deal and losing a deal. Prospects expect to be blown away by the slickness of the presentation, the intelligence of the content and the confidence of the presenter. While you can’t have one without the other, there are several critical capabilities that sales enablement technologies can provide to help give salespeople an advantage.. Over the next week, we’ll share the five top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations.

First up, number five: Empowering salespeople with the right presentation at the right time.

A winning presentation is already successful before getting in front of the customer when it is created using the most relevant and timely content. Too many salespeople waste time attempting to revamp old, out-of-date decks and laboring through files for anything that fits, in order to avoid “reinventing the wheel.” Oftentimes this results in an embarrassing “search and find” in front of the customer to find what they really need. This is where Bigtincan Hub – our market leading sales enablement tool – can really come to the rescue. The Bigtincan Hub is powered by our AI and machine learning technology, SalesAI, recommends the right presentation to the sales person at the right time. In the Hub, reps can see what others are using for successful presentations and get real-time notifications about how they can improve their work and chances of success by following the performance of others.

The Hub lets users create a content structure that mirrors the way that the organization’s sales teams actually work. For instance, each content piece is marked with a vibrant graphic thumbnail for quick and easy selection. And, thanks to the push and sync engine built into the Hub, the system automatically removes old and incorrect materials, ensuring that only the best, up-to-date decks are available (online and offline) to help win the deal.

It’s time to eliminate the searching and surfing, and get on with the winning presentation! Check back soon for the fourth capability sales people need to give winning presentations.

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