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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations – #4 Make Presentations Interactive!

Earlier this week we shared the first of five of the top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations – empowering salespeople with the right presentation at the right time. Today and we’re sharing the fourth– make presentations interactive!

For those who are still relying on a PowerPoint deck with some bullets and graphics to present in front of customers, the time has come to wake up to the fact that it is 2017 and customers are looking for more compelling and technologically savvy ways of receiving a sales offer. Tools like Bigtincan Hub enable reps to deliver presentations that have interactive elements – in addition to video and graphics – that integrate seamlessly into a PowerPoint or Keynote deck. We even have our own interactive tool for creating presentations called BTC Studio.

We have found that interactive presentations have as much as a 300 percent improvement on how customers engage with content and have a significant impact on their likelihood to purchase. Bigtincan Hub runs interactive PowerPoint, Keynote and BTC Studio presentations, all dynamically made available to the entire sales team. The Hub also helps teams by ensuring that all animations, graphics, videos, fonts and more that are inside an interactive presentation work flawlessly, eliminating those embarrassing moments when the deck glitches or fails to perform.

Check back soon for the third capability sales people need to give winning presentations.

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