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The Pitfalls of Poor Training and Development Programs

Training and developing employees is hard. It’s time consuming. It’s expensive. And more often than not, you can invest every cent in your budget, and pour in hours creating a training program, and still be unsure if it’s actually serving its purpose.

This is a problem. If not corrected, this problem can be the downfall to your company’s success, and here’s why.


Poor employee onboarding is a momentum killer

You managed to nab top talent, now what are you going to do with them? The initial employee onboarding experience can be a very powerful thing (for better or for worse).

If the experience knocks his socks off, the employee can begin their time excited, motivated, and ready to perform. Give him a poor training experience and you’re already killing momentum for that employee. The newness begins to wear off and all those positive emotions are replaced with confusion and stress as he tries to navigate job roles and company systems.


Lack of employee development drives talent away

The current generation of employees, more than ever, want learning and development opportunities from their employers. They want to feel empowered to learn more, develop leadership skills and have the tools at hand to be their best. When companies provide this for employees in the right way, engagement increases. When engagement increases so does production which has the potential to raise the bottom line.

The key however, is finding the right way to train and develop your workforce. Companies invest a lot of cash each year on programs to help increase engagement, but only 33% of the current American workforce says they’re engaged according to Gallup. One of the biggest cost contributors to this is training and development. Employees are starving for programs that will feed their ambition, but typical Learning Management Systems and engagement initiatives continue to miss the mark leading to a dissatisfied workforce.

When employees are unhappy and don’t feel supported, they’re more likely to walk away and take their talent to another organization that provides what they’re looking for.


You can train and develop your employees to be their best every day

If you want to reach your employees with training and development that works from day one, it’s time for a change. No longer can you think of training as a one-stop shop. Training and developing your employees needs to be a full experience, delivered often.

Your days of onboarding and sharing knowledge through PDFs is gone. Your expensive and ineffective engagement programs filled with surveys and yearly evaluations are a thing of the past.

In it’s place you need a learning experience that meets the needs of your employees and delivers the results you want.


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