Most guided selling tools are generic and are limited to less than 100 choices. Companies with complex products accompanied by 1000s of supporting materials need guided selling tools that encompass their entire product knowledge base and help reps focus on key topic areas.

FatStax Solution Advisor is a guided sales engagement platform purpose built to help focus reps and customers on specific target area and get deep. Pre-loaded questions guide the rep and customer on a journey to the best possible solution and supporting materials even when there are 1000s to sort through.

It’s like a second brain that ask the right questions and configures a solution on the fly.

FatStax Solution Advisor Module is Embedded within FatStax Digital Catalogs and FatStax Sales Collateral apps. The Following Features are Combined to Create the Guided Sales Engagement Platform

Take Customers on Guided Sales Journey

Prompted questions guide customers to the best choice of products or collateral. Select one or multiple answers in combination to arrive at answers needed to make an informed buying decision.

Adviser Guided Sales

Share Results with Customers Instantly

Selected combinations produce a matched list of items including products, sales collateral, technical references that can be viewed on device or sent directly to customers as a complete stack.

Advisor Sort Stack Send

Map the Buyer Journey and Create a Uniquely Engaging Customer Experience

Tag products and collateral with multiple possible results to create unique combinations and relate items to one another based on a chosen pathway.

Advisor CloudStax Advisor Tool