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SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2019 – Day 1

TOGETHER: Achieving High Performance by Aligning the B-to-B Revenue Engine

SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2019 Theme

SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2019 Theme

This is the theme of the SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2019 in London this week.  This simple statement was one of the main drivers for my attendance as it fits well with my view on the future of Enablement, and business growth, overall.  The other primary drivers were:

  • Bigtincan has three customers who are taking their time to share their Sales Enablement case studies with the event attendees.
  • The opportunity to hear Peter Ostrow present on Revenue Enablement.
  • Listening to Phil Herrell and Meta Karagianni discuss “The Secrets of High-Performing Revenue Engines.
  • Watching a Lord of the Rings opening from Julian Archer and Anthony McPartlin as they discussed Revenue Operations.

Revenue was the real underlying theme across the conference during day one.

Stayed tuned for a post about the three customer case studies after the event finishes tomorrow.  However, here are my additional thoughts on day one of SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2019.

Revenue Alignment takes shape at SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2019

I wrote about Revenue Alignment on the LinkedIn Sales blog as a first in a series of articles focused on Revenue Alignment, Revenue Enablement, and Revenue Operations.  At that time, I defined Revenue Alignment as:

Revenue Alignment places the customer at the center of business success. It puts a premium on creating measurable outcomes, delivering solutions that customers will adopt, and upon a high degree of collaboration between customer-facing teams.

Revenue Alignment, with Revenue Enablement and Revenue Operations as its core functions, was at the heart of day one’s events. This slide from Julian Archer’s and Anthony McPartlin make that clear.

Revenue Alignment at SiriusDecisions Europe 2019

Revenue Alignment at SiriusDecisions Europe 2019

Peter Ostrow further reinforced this key message during his talk on Revenue Enablement. Our thinking aligns on the concepts of:

  • Developing cross-functional alignment and partnership internally.
  • Taking a customer-centric approach and aligning these functions across the buyer journey.
  • Building upon Sales Enablement to take essential functions and extend them beyond sales alone.

Remember your existing customers

Another area of focus at day one of the event was the importance of delivering value to your existing customer base. Too often, the Enablement and Operations functions focus more energy on acquiring customers than on their existing customers.

High-performing businesses focus more energy on existing customers

High-performing businesses focus more energy on existing customers

The image quality of my photo is not perfect, so I’ll summarize:

  • High-performing organizations are twice as likely to report a significantly greater investment in customer success.
  • High-performing organizations are three times as likely to report a significantly greater investment in customer marketing.

The best businesses in the world deliver exceptional value and great content to their customers. 

  • They make sure their customers succeed. 
  • They ensure their customers receive regular education.
  • They help their customers understand the other ways they can help these customers solve different business challenges.

Revenue Alignment covers the journey from the beginning of problem understanding through their lifetime with your business. Day one of the SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2019 reinforces the importance of this approach to business while making it clear that the best companies in the world are already doing this intuitively.

Do you want to be a leading business or only one of many running in the middle of the pack?

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