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Sales Playbook Best Practices that Drive Increased Deal Sizes

We have recently released The Definitive Guide to Sales Playbooks, and it is full of Sales Playbook best practices to guide you on your journey to improved sales effectiveness.

What is a Sales Playbook?

A Sales Playbook is a guide that provides customer-facing personnel with the processes, tools, tips, and messaging required to:

  • Identify buyer needs
  • Explain potential solutions
  • Understand and address buyer concerns
  • Educate the buyer
  • Guide them through the sales process

During our webinar on sales playbooks, we discussed:

  • How should you structure your Sales Playbook
  • What should you put into the Sales Playbook
  • As important, what should not be put into your Sales Playbook
  • How our friends at Clarus (who were on the webinar) approached their playbook project
  • Another case study of a customer who leveraged the guidance that went into this book. This customer saw an increase in average deal size by more than 50% over the 12 months following the launch.
  • And so much more…

If you couldn’t catch the webinar live you can watch it on-demand here.

Below is a sneak peek of our guide, I hope you download, find value in the thinking, and share with us your thoughts on how we can make it better in the next iteration.

Welcome to the Definitive Guide to Sales Playbooks, created by Bigtincan in partnership with BPMWorks.

You may be wondering, why do we need yet another guide on how to create a Sales Playbook? While many are good, few are a result of so much experimentation in the real world. Collectively, we have delivered hundreds of playbooks across B2B companies in a variety of industries. We have experimented with countless approaches, layouts, and strategies. Some of our methods worked tremendously, and others failed miserably.

We learned and want to share those lessons with you.

We have also seen how hard it is to drive adoption for anything new, including Sales Playbooks. Our results from the Experience Room we ran at the Sales Enablement Society National Conference provided us with additional insights on this topic. Adoption is critical if you want to see results from your efforts. We will share with you what we learned.

This guide is for anyone tasked with spearheading Sales Playbook initiatives in their B2B company. B2C is different, and this guide does not cover these use cases.

In the next few pages, we’ll share a complete approach to create, deliver, and maintain Sales Playbooks. Our goal is to demystify Sales Playbooks and provide a structure that you can adapt to a wide variety of sales methodologies and business development goals.

Get our brand new Definitive Guide to Sales Playbooks for 2020.

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