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ReCoding Retail: NRF 2018 – Part 3

My Top 3 Solutions at NRF

Here are some really cool solutions I saw at NRF that spoke to the above and beyond.

A2B Tracking: I’ve seen a lot of RFID and scanning solutions over the years, but A2B’s RFID scanner, using Zebra tech, is just elegant. It doesn’t require line of sight to find or scan an item in your store, the RFID tags are reusable, and they’ve hardened the solution to military standards so expect security, durability and ease of use. I was lucky to share some booth time with them at Connection’s booth.

RetailNext: Remember when I mentioned making in-store analytics actionable? Yeah, these guys and gals have it nailed. Actionable, in the moment insights for traffic analytics, client ID and loss prevention. It even works omni-channel to give your store and corporate teams a complete picture of the retail performance by location or region. Again, another really powerful offering I saw at Connection’s booth.

Aptos: a point of sale and customer CRM tool that simply nailed it for retail. I’ve worked with a vast majority of the mobile point of sale providers out there, but this solution transcends the transactional and focuses in on the customer engagement, providing in the moment details on customers’ buying habits, trends and account history, which leads you to the VIP style experience everyone is striving for. Beautiful countertop and iOS mobile options, which can help ease the transition from cash wrap to counter-less.

This concludes the “Recoding Retail” 3-part mini series. For those of you that stuck through it with me, thank you. At Bigtincan, we strive to deliver the very best retail sales experience technology, to empower your people to do their very best work today. We’ve been blessed to work with some of the world’s largest retailers and our solution has transcended the operational and allowed them to drive community and culture in and amongst their stores, by providing each employee the opportunity to learn, collaborate and execute on behalf of the customer from anywhere in the store. That’s the dream, right?

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Ben Row
Strategic Accounts Executive

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