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Productivity to 10,000 feet

Today was my first flight since the FAA ruled it ok to keep your loved ones close, and by loved ones I mean my tablet and smartphone. No more annoying announcements that the door is closed and to put away your electronic devices. No more threats or pacing the aisles looking for that last covert text message or phone call. Instead it was quite… I even felt compelled to listen to the safety message, which I could almost repeat off by heart. As we taxied I opened up an email requesting a contract be reviewed. I did my open in bigtincan, selected edit locally and I was off to tracking my changes. By 10,000 feet (when I would have just started reviewing) I was done and able to connect to the airplanes’ internet and server share the document with our legal team. I am always looking for ways to get things done quickly and efficiently, and this hit the spot. Now for a quick nap before my connection,

Jonathan Fischer
EVP of Business Development and Field Services

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