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Retail Enablement – NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show Recap

Bigtincan recently attended NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show. With over 38,000 people in attendance, this event continues to be the largest retail conference and expo in the world.

Aside from having a booth at the event, we announced the release of Bigtincan for Retail – a solution that provides retail associates with advanced capabilities and tools to make the customer experience more personalized and positive. 



Key Takeaways from the Event

Retailers big and small are looking for ways to enhance the in-store experience, empower their store associates, and make their day-to-day processes more efficient. Technology continues to be the forefront of this transformation.

What technology did we see?

There were many vendors offering cloud-based approaches to task management and shift management. There was also a big focus on emerging technologies including AI/machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and the concept of “Connect Retail” via IoT.

The main thing we saw – smart displays and kiosks everywhere!

Smart displays are panes of glass that can transform to serve a variety of purposes. They can virtually display products, display ads to customers as the walk past the window of a store, and even allow customers to virtually try on clothing and accessories.

Self-service kiosks are becoming popular because in addition to providing customers an interactive experience, they can streamline processes, creating a quicker and easier way for customers to shop.

The GUESS Event

During NRF we cosponsored an event with our partner, Apple, at the GUESS showroom on Fifth Avenue. The purpose of the event was to provide attendees the opportunity to see how Bigtincan has empowered GUESS’s retail associates to become better and more efficient at their jobs.

Using Bigtincan, GUESS has been able to keep their associates on the sales floor with all of the information they need to provide top-notch service to customers at their fingertips. Bigtincan also provided GUESS associates a one stop shop for all of their training material, while also improving organization-wide communication.

For more on how GUESS utilizes Bigtincan Retail, check out this video.

In-Store Visit with Existing Global Retail Customer

While in New York City for the event, our Industry Director, Chris Williams, had the opportunity to visit one of our existing global retail customers.

Here’s what he found:

  • Even in the current high-tech environment with mobile devices everywhere, retailers are still lagging behind. Many retailers still rely on back office “cork boards” to communicate with and manage their associates.
  • Mobile checkout is absolutely transforming the buying experience and retailers are now looking for ways to turn these transaction devices into powerhouse, multi-purpose productivity tools by leveraging SaaS based communications, training, and collaboration tools.
  • Retailers are seeking platforms like Bigtincan to provide secure and scalable solutions that provide end users with incredible consumer experiences they have come to expect.

The Bigtincan team had a great time at NRF 2019 and would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to talk retail enablement. If you would like to learn what Bigtincan Retail can do for your organization, request a demo today!

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