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Mobility and Its Influence on Sales Productivity

Bigtincan co-founder and CEO, David Keane, understands that staying competitive in today’s business climate and growing top line revenue is an ongoing challenge for even the biggest organizations. In his newest article for Business 2 Community, David outlines his top ten tips for achieving and sustaining a more productive sales team, including:

  • Using a mobile device to do presentations – using laptops to present in front of customers can be messy, as it often requires Wi-Fi access inside the customer’s office, booting up a PC before the presentation, connecting to the conference room projector or TV and more. In today’s advanced mobile landscape, it’s time organizations empower sales teams to use their phone or tablet to conduct presentations with customers.
  • Leveraging interactive content – interactive content on mobile devices has real benefits for sales teams with results including a 36 percent increase in prospect calls/meeting duration, 33 percent increase in communication effectiveness and more. By utilizing interactive content, organizations can enable sales teams to improve win rates and productivity, and improve customer impact.
  • Knowing that every device counts – sales people are fickle, and rarely stick to one device or even one screen. By adopting solutions that help reps work wherever and whenever they choose, reps can realize the full benefits of business mobility, and organizations can improve win rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Head over to Business 2 Community to read the rest of David’s tips for how mobility can increase sales productivity, and then share your thoughts with us here. How does your organization use mobile solutions to empower your sales team?

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