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Introducing bigtincan hub for Apple Watch

With the release of Apple Watch, many developers are coming up with ways to incorporate wearable technology with their existing products.  At bigtincan, we’re combining the at-a-glance convenience of a smartwatch with bigtincan hub to create an Apple Watch app that will empower and enhance your mobile experience.

Because bigtincan hub is made for the mobile work force, building a companion Apple Watch app is a natural progression. bigtincan hub for Apple Watch highlights the key features of bigtincan hub and provides them to you in ways that are useful and relevant.

Keep updated with notifications

bigtincan hub is all about up-to-date content delivery, so we’ve taken this philosophy and used Notifications to keep you abreast of what’s happening in bigtincan hub.

Notifications will provide alerts on the Apple Watch for newly published content and comments, where you can directly and discreetly view, dismiss or open bigtincan hub on your iPhone.

Even though watches display the time, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll remember that meeting scheduled dangerously close to lunch. Pairing Apple Watch with bigtincan hub will allow you to receive notifications for upcoming Events that have been directly linked with relevant content.

Take control of presentations

Presentations will become more convenient and truly hands-free with our Apple Watch companion app. Pairing bigtincan hub with our Apple Watch app will allow you to use it as a remote to masterfully navigate through your presentation.  This leaves you free to concentrate on the people in the room, to enhance the delivery and nail the presentation.

Dictate Notes

Great ideas don’t always come to you at the most convenient of times and it’s rare to have post-it notes in your back pocket. Now you can quickly record a voice note on your Apple Watch so you can recall important ideas and information later. Voice Notes are conveniently converted to text and saved as a Note in bigtincan hub.

Unlock new geolocation fences

bigtincan hub for Apple Watch will enhance how geolocation restrictions for content works. Whenever you enter a new geo fence, you will be discreetly notified. This will allow you to ‘unlock’ content restricted to the new location.

Enhanced mobile experience

Whether you’re using bigtincan hub for sales or service, our bigtincan hub for Apple Watch app will be the perfect companion; it brings the best of bigtincan hub’s features to you at a glance, discreetly, and conveniently. bigtincan hub has been thoughtfully designed to make the best use of Apple’s most personal of devices, ensuring you have the mots pertinent content at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are .

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