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Interactive Sales Content – Why we need it; how to make the most of it

As we head into the 2nd half of 2016, many of the world’s leading organizations are realizing that the way that their field teams sell to customers has to change. No longer is it acceptable to continue to create the standard “PDF product flyer” or simple sales guide presentation in Powerpoint and have the sales team successfully compete in markets that are becoming increasingly competitive.

Add to that the mobile business revolution that is continuing to impact every business, where sales people are realizing the power of having all their content, sales tools and more available at their fingertips is forcing us all to rethink how we create and deliver compelling materials that impact the customer buying experience. The current crop of powerful mobile devices (equipped with the right software) are tailor-made to be a key part of how we can deliver these compelling materials right to the customer.

So – it’s time for a new way of creating the kind of powerful customer engagement and relationships that will drive increased win rates and better customer satisfaction across the business.  And with Interactive Sales Content we now have a way of creating an experience for our customers that drives customer engagement using the power of the mobile device.

With interactive sales content we have a way of engaging the customer and getting them to “lean in” and invest their attention and concentration into the materials that are running on a tablet or smartphone and that have been proven to have a significant effect on the bottom line. According to ScrollMotion, the global leader in interactive content production, organizations that use mobile devices and interactive content have up to 300% more engagement and improved win rates in the real world.

Interactive sales content comes in many different forms, and could be created in a number of different tools – from HTML5 to native mobile applications, and even proprietary app or content creation tools – but commonly these tools are not able to quickly change as the markets and products that companies operate in change – creating a lag between the business and the sales team that could affect the real world sales results.

Interactive graphics with sliders demonstrate a variety of scenarios

Sample Interactive Sales Content running inside bigtincan hub

So how do we address that lag in getting the right content at the right time to the field? Its all about flexibility. Organizations need the ability to use interactive sales content in the same way that they can use traditional content types (everything from PDFs to animated PowerPoint or Keynote decks, videos and other content formats). The sales teams themselves need access to all this content without having to think about where they go to view each type.

We created the Bigtincan Hub to help sales teams by enabling the delivery and use of any type of interactive sales content (including the market-leading ScrollMotion format through our strategic partnership) that is delivered automatically to a sales (or field service) person on any type of mobile device with the security and content governance that business needs. And, as importantly, this same interactive content works on laptops and desktop computers, enabling Inside Sales teams to leverage the same content as their field-based colleagues – creating a seamless customer experience.

A key productivity aid: With Bigtincan’s Patent Pending Content Intelligence technology its possible to make real time recommendations to sales people to help them to know what materials to use including interactive content.

So interactive sales content can help your organization improve win rates, increase customer satisfaction, and empower your sales team to be more effective. Find out for yourself; we would love to show you the power of this solution and how it will help your business.

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