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How Sales Enablement Software Increases CRM Adoption

CRM is an essential tool for most businesses, providing companies with insights necessary to make business decisions. Does your current level of CRM adoption support this need, or instead, does it provide limited insights that are hurting your business decision making?

According to the 2018 Sales Operations Optimization Study by CSO Insights:

“CRM systems have been almost universally implemented, but adoption rates are a different story. Only 47% of study participants reported an adoption rate of greater than 90%. High adoption combined with a rigorous sales process sets the basis for achieving better and more predictable sales results.”

If you are not part of the 47%, you are hurting your company’s ability to meet it’s sales targets. Choosing the right sales enablement software can make all the difference in the world.

Let’s explore how Bigtincan can support your goals to increase CRM adoption.

Additional insights for sales and marketing

When you share content from Bigtincan, the system tracks the email addresses of those people with whom the material has been shared.

Also, as users consume the content, Bigtincan tracks:

  • When the material is viewed
  • The length of time spent viewing the content
  • If the content was forwarded, and to whom

This information is tracked whether you send from Salesforce, Outlook, Bigtincan, or elsewhere.  In this simple example, you can see that I shared content with two of my teammates.

sharing content from CRM

  • Andrew spent 4 minutes and 28 seconds, viewed the three files I shared and downloaded one of them to his desktop.
  • Julienne did not view the content at all.  I’ll have to chat with her later. 🙂

Wait, there is a bit more to consider. When you share content from Bigtincan and associate it with an opportunity, more intelligent behavior is in place to enhance the overall experience. If you send material to someone who is already part of the opportunity, their record in Salesforce is updated to show that activity as well. Even better, if you share content with someone who is not yet part of the opportunity, a new lead is created, potentially identifying other members of the customer’s buying group.

Allow Sellers to work where they are most comfortable

There is typically one application within which sellers spend the majority of their time. This application may be their CRM system, their email client, or some other system where their tasks are managed (e.g., Sales Engagement platforms like SalesLoft). Let’s explore how Bigtincan increases CRM adoption in the context of a few of these applications.

Living inside of Salesforce

Let’s begin with As noted, 47% of businesses surveyed indicated that they are achieving success in terms of CRM adoption.

Can Bigtincan help these users?

Of course. Whether you are using Salesforce Classic or Lightening, the Bigtincan AppExchange plugin brings the Bigtincan experience directly into Salesforce.

  • You can access Bigtincan from a separate tab in the user interface. Adding your Bigtincan URL to a web tab in enables users to access the full Bigtincan experience.
  • You can also access Bigtincan content from any Salesforce object.

Here is what the Bigtincan plugin looks when embedded in Salesforce on an opportunity record.

Bigtincan Salesforce CRM integration


End users can easily search for content within Bigtincan that they want to share with prospects. Bigtincan’s robust search models the gold standard, Google. This behavior means you can expect high-performance, accurate results, support for boolean level searches, tag-level searches, and even more.

Recommended Content

As your opportunities move through the deal cycle, you need different content to keep the deal moving forward. Remember, the definition of Sales Enablement:

Sales enablement is the strategy and processes for helping sales teams efficiently move customers through the sales process to the point where the customer can make a buying decision with a higher likelihood of buying their solution.

To support this need, Bigtincan allows users to configure which opportunity fields control which content should be displayed. For example, the default setup for CRM recommendations uses the deal stage and industry fields. However, you can configure any number of fields, or combinations of fields, that will go into defining which content is displayed. This robust configuration capability provides the Sales Enablement team the power to be prescriptive by manually specifying what material to use throughout the buyer journey.

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These content recommendations are made based on world-class machine learning (ML) and intelligence capabilities. Bigtincan does an outstanding job of understanding what content other sellers are leveraging to move deals forward. The system uses a complex set of models to represent users, opportunities, the content, and so forth to deliver the most appropriate content possible at each stage.

Living inside of Outlook

The Bigtincan add-in for Microsoft Outlook has virtually the same capabilities as from inside of


Bigtincan integration with Microsoft Outlook



Logging to Salesforce

In, if you access the Bigtincan plugin from an opportunity, you already know what object to associate the content sending activity.

However, in Outlook, you do not have this same context. Therefore, you can specify what record in Salesforce is used for tracking the activity.

Recommended Content

In Outlook, the text in the body of the email is used to make content recommendations. For example, if the email contains a lot of references to security, the content recommended is likely to be security-related.


Living inside of Bigtincan

Within Bigtincan, if configured to do so, all of the same actions are tracked in your CRM system.

However, we take it further when leveraging the Bigtincan mobile applications. Users can choose to give the application access to their calendar and their contact list on the device. When doing so, meeting tracking becomes vastly more powerful and much more straightforward.

Let’s walk through an example.

  • Sally Smith has a meeting planned for 2 PM this afternoon with Brandon Bacon, a potential buyer of her widgets.
  • Sally is a top seller and always plans her meetings. She bookmarks content in the Bigtincan system, which will aid her in her conversation with Brandon.
  • She meets Brandon at 2 PM. She walks through the content she bookmarked, then shares it with Brandon as she ends her meeting at 3 PM.
  • As she walks out of her meeting, Bigtincan prompts Sally to log the meeting to It shows her an easy to use interface that highlights:
    • The time of the meeting
    • Who she met
    • What content she reviewed during the meeting
    • The material she shared with Brandon after the meeting.
    • Sally adds any notes she may have taken, hits Submit, and the full details are logged back to the CRM.

This simplified user experience made it easy for Sally to keep her CRM system updated, increased CRM adoption and set her up for success when she plans out her next meeting with Brandon.

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