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How to Improve the Customer Experience with Retail Enablement

Elevating the customer experience

When it comes to enhancing customer experience in retail, not just any organization has the creativity — as well as the skills, strategy, and tools — to create a unique culture and establish an emotional connection that extends beyond its products. To effectively and deeply engage customers, your products and services can’t be all that you have on the table. Instead, think bigger. 

The customer experience impacts nearly every aspect of your business. But, remember that the simplest ideas are often the strongest. Most of today’s buyers uphold mobility, independence, simplicity, and consistency above all else.

You want something that will offer a unique experience specific to your brand, but if you need to explain it to the consumer, it’s not going to work. Technology retailers have been doing this for ages — Apple’s Genius Bar, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and Staples Print Services. The rest of us have some catching up to do.

In today’s increasingly saturated marketplace, how do you inspire a consumer to believe you are the best, regardless of how they feel about each individual product you offer? How do you instill that belief in all of your people? How do you improve customer experience in every store, every moment of every day?

Lessons from Apple

Companies like Apple are going out of their way to surpass consumer expectations, and thereby foster loyalty and a digital transformation customer experience

A recent study found that Apple’s customer loyalty rate reached a staggering 90 percent in 2018. Apple was able to achieve this rate by making a concerted effort in the customer experience department long before opening the company’s first store in 2001. Even though Apple releases a seemingly endless supply of new products each year, there’s one thing that never changes, and that’s the Apple Store’s secret sauce — relationship-building.

Like Apple customers, this is what your brand’s shoppers truly want. They want your associates to listen and truly understand their needs. They want representatives to take their time. They want to be approached only with a sense of curiosity, not a drive for commission. They want you to give them a highly personalized set of recommendations or leave them alone entirely. There is very little middle ground.

Consider retail enablement for your business

The expectations of the modern buyer have shifted.  In order to stay competitive in today’s sales ecosystem, retailers need to know what their customers expect when engaging with their brand.They also need to be able to surpass competitors’ in-store experience while making it more worthwhile for the customer to come into the store instead of shopping online.

To ensure customer needs and expectations are met and to improve customer experience, retailers must implement new strategies and technology — which is where retail enablement solutions can come in handy. Although it requires plenty of time and money, the returns are high. 

Additionally, vendors like Bigtincan simplify implementation so you can focus on your customers and look forward to higher valuations as well as peace of mind that consumers believe that what you do is essential — today and into the future.

1. Improve customer experience and ROI

When companies become more data-driven and learn to harness the power of new technologies in the sales process, they will begin to see changes in how they engage and improve customer experience. This, in due course, makes a greater impact on their bottom-line.

To deliver a well-coordinated commerce experience, Bigtincan enables associates to onboard more quickly and efficiently, continuously learning and engaging along the way.  These associates also need to be more knowledgeable in front of customers, ensure brand consistency, and have an arsenal of content at their fingertips so they’re always ready to answer questions. With Bigtincan, these sales associates are better able to accommodate in-store customers.

2. Streamline and supercharge communication efforts

With social media and mobile devices dominating the retail space as one of the most commonly used ways customers consume information and share opinions, many retailers could run the risk of communication breakdowns and lost sales opportunities.

To avoid the ramifications of an untapped or poorly handled new communication channel, retailers should focus on building a system that creates two-way interactions to foster engagement, improve customer experience, and ensure greater loyalty. This requires retailers to listen to customer needs and respond to them in smart and timely ways, with the right content handy to make these conversations interesting and helpful. 

While many retail employees spend a good amount of time providing customer service and addressing product-related issues, maintaining a clear line of internal communication between management and sales associates is imperative. 

Some of our retail customers use Bigtincan for communication efforts across stores via social media-type feeds where employees from various locations can share images of store layouts as well as company updates, new products, promotions, and more.

Ideally, by integrating communication tools, associate-to-associate, manager-to-associate, and store-to-store interactions will be streamlined, and thus, enhancing customer experience in retail.

3. Empower retailers to deliver better customer service through training

To assure that they have a team that is prepared for any customer service-related situation the industry throws their way, retailers are investing in sales coaching and training platforms like Bigtincan Zunos to get new store associates up to speed fast and continuously improving during the duration they are with the company. 


As customer needs change and new products launch, it’s up to retailers to take note and adapt to those changes as they occur. Keeping up with the retail industry itself, while also honing their skill set, ensures that sales associates will be amply prepared to deliver a positive customer experience, encouraging them to come back into the store in the future.

Ultimately, utilizing retail enablement solutions will help retailers to catch up and keep up. This effective solution brings the right data and content together at the right time to allow brands to deliver superior service and a digital transformation customer experience. Improved, efficient ways to communicate and share information means sales, merchandising, and marketing teams can fully align to enhance customer experience in retail ensuring shoppers (and sales goals) are coming out on top, every time. 

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