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How to Get C-Suite Buy-In for a Mobile Sales Tool

Researching new apps for salespeople is only a small part of the overall decision-making process. If you aren’t the one signing the check for your mobile sales solutions, you’ll first need approval from your CFO, CMO, VP of Sales, or other stakeholders.

And that presents a whole new set of challenges that rely on your presentation of two things: the existing problem(s) and the value of the solution.


How to Build Your Business Case for Mobile Sales Solutions

Your C-suite’s main concern rests on how to keep your company thriving. They approach every decision from a business standpoint to ensure it allows the company to prosper.

But, as LeadMD CEO Justin Gray points out about C-suite appeal, “Once you understand their specific needs and idiosyncrasies, it becomes easier to develop an effective content plan that truly reaches and influences…”

As a sales leader, your goals are already somewhat aligned with your superiors in that you each focus on how to grow revenue. The difference between your vision and that of your company execs lies in knowing how growing those sales will also grow profits, and the two aren’t always mutually exclusive.

If you want your boss’s blessing (and budget allocation) to move forward with your new mobile sales solutions, forget pitching a spec sheet-style lecture that details functions and costs. Features and benefits do nothing to mention how your proposal proves valuable in solving a real business problem. And without first building value, the cost of mobile sales apps is irrelevant.

Your best chance lies in creating a business case that illustrates alignment with the mission of the company, not just that of your sales reps. Here’s how:


Demonstrate Your Current Conditions

Typically, there are two major factors that initiate change in business:

  1. The way something is currently being done is no longer working profitably, or
  2. A better solution has presented itself that can make the company more profitable.

In either circumstance, profitability takes the spotlight and can provide a solid foundation when stating your case for new mobile sales solutions.

But to determine the profitability factor, you should first define existing problems and why they no longer represent the most cost-effective option. Gray also suggests hitting on the expenses associated with the problems:

“Make sure you not only think in terms of problems but what the problems cost. When speaking with C-level folks, they need to associate pain with cost.”

-Justin Gray, LeadMD CEO

Before presenting your case, do some research and obtain real data and figures that illustrate the issue. Your superiors will be more inclined to listen to you if they feel you took a well-thought approach to understanding your current situation.

As HubSpot’s Aja Frost explains, “The fate of your meeting is usually set before it starts. A well-planned agenda will lead to a successful meeting, while a sloppy one – or worse, no agenda at all – will almost always lead to a flop.”


Recommend Your Solution

Once you’re ready to reveal your proposal, you’ll need to arm yourself with three key strategies:

  1. Demonstrate how mobile sales solutions rectify the problems you uncoveredYou should never bring to light any problem your solution isn’t prepared to solve. Talk about how apps for sales reps could eliminate the issues you mentioned.
  2. Suggest how it contributes to the company’s mission

    “Executives aren’t looking to repeat what their competitors already know; they’re looking to become trailblazers and leaders in their industry.”

    – Justin Gray, LeadMD CEO

    Apps for sales reps can certainly simplify your team’s day-to-day activities, but what’s in it for your company? Focus on how your mobile sales solutions proposal can fuel growth, cut existing expenses, and ultimately place your company leaps and bounds over your competitors.

  3. Prepare to defend your proposalStand ready to answer any questions tossed at you (this is where some extra research into your company’s operations will prove worthwhile). They may ask questions regarding implementation, required resources, the cost of mobile sales apps, why you chose specific apps for sales reps over others, etc., so be forward thinking.

Wrap Up

It’s not impossible to appeal to your C-suite, but it will require a bit of legwork on your part to make a good business case. As Frost declares, “These decision makers have a lot of influence yet barely any time — so if you want to earn their business, you’ll have to use every minute effectively.”

Got questions? We’d love to hear them in the comment section below!

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