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How to Foster Continuous Learning in Your Organization

When building a successful training and coaching program it is key to prioritize learning for the duration of your employees’ career with your company.

Training isn’t just a one-and-done exercise to be completed during the onboarding process.

On the contrary, training should be continuous.

Information moves and changes extremely fast. Not to mention your employees are being bombarded with information from every angle — social media, news feeds, emails, and alerts on their phones and watches.

It’s difficult to tell the valuable and important information apart from the noise.

In order to help your employees consume the best content available, you should build a training program that combines two types of content delivered to your employees on a regular basis.


Original Content

Original content is created internally and serves the purpose of teaching your employees about things specific to your organization, product, service, and more. This content is generally branded with your logo and written in your company’s unique voice.

Examples of original content are things like company mission and vision statements, proprietary information about your products, internal policies, or strategic sales strategies.


Curated Content

Curated content is valuable and vetted content that already exists on other platforms or in other mediums. It is pulled from outside sources that your company respects and finds valuable.

Example include Ted Talks, YouTube tutorials, podcasts, articles that pertain to your industry, and webinars from industry leaders and influencers.

With the amount of education available online, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to content. Gathering up information that’s already out there and putting it in front of your employees will save you time and money in the long run.

After creating and curating content, your goal is to deliver that content in a scheduled and continuous manner. We recommend you map out your content delivery schedule in 30-to-90-day blocks.

Keep your schedule consistent so that your employees get used to receiving and interacting with content regularly. If you’re sporadic with your delivery, they will be sporadic in their participation.

Deliver new content at a minimum of once per week. More preferably, deliver at least one piece of created content per week, supplemented by 2-3 pieces of curated content per week in order to keep your program fresh.


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