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How Mobile Sales Apps Will Impact 2020

What are mobile sales app benefits?

The benefits of mobile sales apps for businesses may seem obvious, but some still need convincing. The fact is, we’re all doing business differently, which requires a new set of tools. Mobile sales app fill that gap. 

As a society, we’re more on-the-go than we’ve ever been before. More employees work remotely and travel regularly, increasing the necessity of video conferencing, direct messaging, and other technologies for companies to function properly. Mobile sales apps have grown to be an integral part of our lives — both personally and professionally — and are essentially the only way for businesses with larger sales workforces to survive. 

Salespeople, in particular, see mobile sales app benefits for their work given the amount of time they spend away from desks while still needing access to the tools to manage product information and maintain customer relationships.

Build a case for mobile sales apps

If you aren’t the one signing the checks for investments in your work process and tools, you’ll need to start researching and build a case for mobile sales app benefits for your business’ industry in order to obtain approval from your CFO, CMO, VP of Sales, or other stakeholders. And that presents a whole new set of challenges that rely on your management of two things — the existing problem(s) and the value of the solution.

If you want your boss’s blessing (and budget allocation) to move forward with your new mobile sales solutions, avoid pitching a spec sheet-style lecture that lists functions and costs. Features and benefits do not do anything to demonstrate how your proposal solves a real business problem. And without first building value, the cost of implementing mobile sales app benefits is irrelevant.

Your best chance lies in creating a business case that illustrates alignment with the mission of the company, not just that of your salespeople. For one, the ability to streamline operations with an array of mobile devices is evident, as many businesses are realizing. Your sales teams can routinely check their email and schedules, access documents, share files, and collaborate with their co-workers on mobile devices.

And, of course, any gains in efficiency mean that you’re shaving off the time it takes to get things done — which eventually results in improved ROI for the company.

But you don’t have to settle for increased productivity as your major argument. You can also demonstrate how using enterprise mobile sales apps aggressively drive more sales as well as energize sales teams.

Here are three key benefits of mobile apps for sales teams you can focus on, covering how they improve efficiency and cater to the priorities of a sales team.

1. Prioritize your data

Creating a sales tool tailored to highlight and prioritize the collateral that’s critical to your company’s sales results empowers your team by keeping the most pertinent information front and center.

Likewise, all components of a customized app can be designed to accelerate steps in the sales process. You are simplifying your team’s ability to access important information. More importantly, the benefits of mobile apps ensure that the priorities of your sales strategies are top of mind.

2. Track progress

With a customized tool to improve team efficiency, you have another avenue to make the most of your one-on-ones with individual salespeople.

Now that they have a tool to help them more easily access marketing collateral for their sales calls and presentations, you can hone in on other obstacles that may be impeding their performance.

It’s a great way to energize your team as well as eliminate the excuses.

3. Improve customer-facing collateral

Prospective customers are smarter — a lot smarter than they were just 5 to 10 years ago.

With all the information available on the Internet, they’ve already done most of their research by the time your sales team members arrive on the scene.

Consider this research from CEB: The average business buyer does not contact suppliers until 57 percent of the purchase process has been completed.

That means they’re studying and comparing products and services provided by you and your competitors before your sales reps arrive on the scene.

That translates into the need to deliver a very customized sales presentation to each customer.

More than likely, each one will be at a different stage — with different questions.

A customized mobile app that’s searchable can help your team quickly find the answers to prospect questions without fumbling around — or saying something like “I’ll get back to you.”

The bottom line

Ultimately, you need to provide your team with tools and benefits of mobile apps that will enable them to sell instead of complete administrative tasks.

While tablets and mobile apps are increasing the productivity of companies in various industries, a customized app provides what you need to accelerate your sales.

Revenue enablement and mobile apps for sales reps can certainly simplify your team’s day-to-day activities, but what’s in it for your company? Focus on the mobile sales app benefits your solutions will lead to for your business: Fueling growth, cutting existing expenses, and ultimately placing your company leaps and bounds above competitors.

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