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How Events Can Boost Your Learning Strategy

While communication, collaboration and education should be continuous, events are like short boot camps that can foster a lot of progress in a short amount of time. 

Face-to-face interaction is optimal, but bringing your dispersed communities together under one roof is not always possible. 

Whether you aim to hold a sales kick off, launch a product, host a training seminar or plan a new employee orientation, an event may be the way to go.

Here’s why: 

  • Events focus attention on the priorities at hand. Events give attendees the freedom to focus on the material in front of them. They are in a controlled environment with fewer distractions and more time to devote to learning whatever it is you brought them there to learn. While we believe people should always be learning, sometimes immersive learning outside the daily routine is the most effective way to relay a lot of knowledge quickly and effectively.
  • Events foster collaboration. People who gather at events have a lot to talk about. Sometimes just having the time for teammates to collaborate outside of the office can do wonders for innovation. Other times, events provide a platform for people who work in different geographic or departmental areas to work together in ways they can’t every day. Even further, events can allow communities of partners and customers to have face-to-face access to your employees. The bottom line is, valuable connections are made when people come together.
  • Events put everyone on the same page. Communicating knowledge to large, dispersed groups of people can get messy. The more levels information has to travel through, the more diluted it can become. Instead of relying on tiers of managers or mass emails to introduce a new product or announce brand changes, bring everyone together to hear the same message at the same time. This allows your communities to see the passion and emotion behind the announcement from the source. It also gives attendees the opportunity to provide feedback either in person or in post-event surveys.
  • Events leave people feeling equipped and empowered. Events cost organizations money and time. Holding an event signals that the purpose behind the event is worth the extra effort. Sending an invitation indicates that attendees are part of a select “inside” group. During the event, organizations have a captive audience ready to learn and engage. Once attendees leave, they should feel like they have valuable, actionable information that they can go out and use right away. Events have a way of uniting people and igniting a spark for going back out and using what they learned in real world scenarios.

Connecting your people to each other and your organization is crucial to improve employee satisfaction and spur work place engagement. When people are engaged, they are more likely to learn, grow and stay with your company. 

Instead of risking the high price tag on employee turnover, invest in educating and engaging your people early.

Bringing people together can be hard. But the benefits are undeniable. Bigtincan Zunos makes it infinitely easier. Why not see for yourself? Request a demo today!

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