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Great Forbes Article On How Sales Needs Evolve

A great article appeared on the Forbes website today that clearly illustrates the point that traditional solution-selling no longer works.  As the 2012 CEB study hammered home that point when it revealed that B2B buyers are 57% of the way through the purchase decision before even talking to a supplier, it’s now an imperative that B2B sellers must personalize the content used at every point in the selling process to make it more relevant to the individual buyer.

The article points specifically to the need for a guided selling process:

“Personalize the sales process to make it more relevant. Today’s buyers want things customized to their needs. When you know your customers well, you can personalize the sales process and make it more relevant for them.”

Produce valuable content. Though it is marketing’s territory, there’s no reason why sales can’t benefit from it. Especially when buyers rely so much on content to shape their purchase decisions.”

bigtincan hub organizes content that is relevant to a specific buyer persona, their industry, their company size, their geographical location and their specific business challenge, which in turn makes a sales person more effective in every customer interaction.

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