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Equipping Your Learning Platform with the Best Training Content

Finding the right e-learning platform for your organization is important. But, then you have to take things a step further. Your learning management system (LMS), learning experience platform (LEP), or other training platform needs top-notch training content. The content you choose to provide your employees is the lifeblood of your training program. So, you better choose wisely. 

There are several different options to explore when it comes to training content, some of which can actually dictate the type of e-learning platform you choose. Do you purchase pre-crafted content? Curate your own from various resources? Create it all from scratch? Before making any decisions on what’s best for your organization, check out these pros and cons on different training content options and how they can influence your organization’s e-learning platform choice.


Purchasing content

If you’re lacking time and resources in the learning and development department, purchasing content packages may be a great option. By purchasing pre-packaged content, you’ll be able to get your training up and running quickly without the fuss of having to create your own. However, you may lack customizability. Relying solely on pre-packaged content could mean missing out on crucial learning opportunities. 

Tip: Some e-learning platforms may have a solid library of resources, but also rely on third-party education which can require paid memberships. Keep an eye out for this to avoid increased training costs.


Curating content

Ignoring all of the resources, data, and valuable information that is right at your fingertips would be a disservice to your learning program and your employees. Sure, heading out to scour the internet for viable training content can take time, but you’ll be able to pull together the best content that is applicable to your organization. This option allows for more customization without having to create everything from scratch. Want to be able to use outside resources in your training? Make sure your e-learning platform allows for you to upload content and attach outside links. 

Tip: Don’t load up your platform with a bunch of PDFs and articles. Incorporate images and videos, too. Pull it all together in cohesive units that are quick and engaging for your learners. 

Creating content

Information unique to your organization like your policies, procedures, culture, etc. should be included in your training. By creating your own custom content you’ll have the ability to share specific information about your organization that employees can’t get anywhere else. Although it takes time and resources on the front end, this option allows you to build your training program just the way you want it. If you know you’ll be including a lot of custom training content for your learning program, make sure the platform you choose takes user interface and design seriously. You’ll be spending a good amount of time building out content so any time-saving options and easy-to-use tools included will help move the process along. 

Tip: There’s no need to start from scratch when building your learning program. Save time by repurposing the content you already have on hand. Take advantage of this with an e-learning program that allows for you to upload and edit content easily. 

Although you can get by with one of the three options, finding a training tool that allows for a combination of purchasing, curating, and creating gives you the power to provide some of the best training content out there to your employees. You’ll have the ability to build customized content anytime you need it and pull from qualified resources in your industry. 

Whichever you choose, figure out what’s best for your organization and choose your platforms accordingly. Providing great training content is only half the battle. You can load your platform up with the best training content available, but you still need to consider the experience and figure out how to make your employees engage with your content day after day. 

 With Zunos, equipping your learning platform and employees with beautiful, engaging content is a breeze. Our easy-to-use, drag and drop content creation tools allow you to build out whole training programs with just a few clicks. No design background or technical experience required. You can even upload your existing or pre-paid content and format it to fit seamlessly into your training program in Zunos. Not too mention, the user app is pretty slick, too. Check it out and see for yourself. Get a demo to see our content creation tools, plus everything else the Zunos platform has to offer.

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