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The Challenge of Content Velocity for the Modern Marketer

Bigtincan recently ran a webinar for Bigtincan for Adobe where we reviewed the challenges of today’s modern marketer in the context of their content. The level of interest the webinar received has convinced me to create this blog series to walk you through each of the 8 challenges.

Let’s start with the first challenge, content velocity.

Every business, no matter how big or small, has a challenge with content velocity. Too many channels, each with unique needs, not enough resources, and the need to personalize content for more meaningful, 1-on-1 conversations – all causing a major pain point.

Repeat after me:

“I need to find a way to increase content velocity. I need to find a way to increase content velocity. I need to find a way to increase content velocity.”

If you have a whiteboard, consider writing it down…

Our friends at Adobe had this listed as one of their major innovation focuses for Adobe Adobe Experience Manager 6.5, and they refer to content velocity in this way:

“Streamlined content delivery with easy-to-use development, authoring and delivery tools for marketers, creatives & IT.”

In the case of Adobe AEM 6.5 content velocity was increased with improvements ranging from single sign-on between applications, Adobe Asset Link to directly interact with AEM from within many of the Creative Cloud for enterprise desktop applications, updates to the AEM desktop application, and tons of other updates to the brand portal, workflows, and much more.

Adobe wrote a good article about content/experience velocity titled Become a content speed demon, where, amongst other great information, they noted that “71% of those surveyed are working to create over 10x more assets to support the proliferation of digital channels today.”

Marketers and the creative teams they work with, are busier than ever trying to create content.  Why are they doing this? Content marketing efforts are absolutely worth the investment.

How has Bigtincan, both with and without the Bigtincan for Adobe integrations, increased content velocity for today’s CMO? In part, by simply overcoming the lack of integration between new and existing technologies and data.

Our Adobe Integration, as you already know, has these capabilities, all of which directly impact content velocity:

How else does Bigtincan help increase content velocity?

  • Deep analytics identify which pieces of content are, and are not, being used.  This, combined with the ability to measure the impact of specific content/experiences, ensures that creatives and marketers focus on creating high-value content and avoid creating content that is of lesser value.
  • Content viewers ensure that your content plays everywhere. PDFs, videos, interactive HTML5, AR/VR, and all other content types simply work, online or offline, across all major devices and operating systems.
  • Support for existing standards such as SCORM, AICC, and xAPI, ensure that your existing content is able to be used without requiring rework.
  • Content personalization capabilities that allow content re-use within the guidelines set forth by your compliance teams.

If you are the CMO you already know you have a problem with content velocity. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Please leave thoughts and comments below as I am looking forward to furthering the conversation with you.

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