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Cisco and Bigtincan – empowering sales and services teams with real-time remote collaboration

This past week was very exciting for Bigtincan. We were at Cisco Live 2016 in Las Vegas to announce our new partnership with Cisco Systems that is designed to use the power of the network to better empower field sales and service teams.

Bigtincan and Cisco have an long working relationship together, starting with collaborating to build software that helped Cisco’s field Systems Engineers deliver the best possible customer service. This week’s announcement is an important extension to Bigtincan Hub that will allow users to intelligently and instantly collaborate around content powered by Cisco’s Spark SDK.

By working together we have been able to consider the key use case of sales and service enablement. The result: a joint offering that takes advantage of the power of the Cisco Spark collaboration suite to connect users to each other, and the corporate office in real time, and Bigtincan Hub’s ability to automatically deliver the right content to the user in their moment of need.

What is Cisco Spark?

For those of you in the Bigtincan community who have not yet been introduced to Cisco Spark, it’s a secure, scalable, communication and collaboration toolset that makes setting up video rooms and phones a snap. Spark makes it incredibly easy and effective for distributed teams to work together. You can read more about Spark at

What did we announce?

Bigtincan is adding the Cisco Spark technology into a new version of Bigtincan Hub for iOS that will allow Hub users to immediately, and privately connect to other sales people, and natively connect to Cisco office phones and room-based video conferencing systems. Cisco Spark and Bigtincan Hub bring field-based sales people and the support resources they need to be successful together instantly, and virtually in person.

We demonstrated the integration at Cisco Live 2016 – – and talked with a lot of people interested in driving higher productivity in their organizations. I received a lot of enthusiastic feedback.

How does it help sales people?

Helping sales people to access corporate resources right from where their content is being accessed has always been a key goal of Bigtincan Hub. Using the power of Content Intelligence (Bigtincan’s patent pending intelligent content system – read more at, the Bigtincan Hub system has been a key part of helping sales people increase win rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.19.55 PM

With our Bigtincan Hub V5 platform, Bigtincan was the first sales enablement vendor to add native chat designed specifically for sales people. And with our inbuilt user-to-user video conferencing, Bigtincan Hub has pioneered the ability for sales people to connect to their peers.

Now with the Spark integration, sales people can not only connect to, share with, chat and video with their peers, but now also connect right to any computer running a Cisco Spark client, and to Cisco office phones and even room-based video conferencing systems that are connected to the Cisco Spark cloud offering sales people even more power to be successful in-front of their customers.

Whats Next?
Integrating the Spark SDK is only the beginning. Expect to see a new version of Bigtincan Hub including the Spark technology hit the market later in 2016. Cisco and Bigtincan will continue to add value to the joint solution, and to offer new ways that users can get access to the right content delivered at the right time and location, to sales and service users who need advanced tools to improve their success in the field. Watch for it.

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