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Benefits of Adaptive Training for Companies

December 3, 2018

Because hiring a training team, developing courseware, and hosting classes is expensive, organizations are always looking for cost-effective, streamlined ways to onboard and educate employees. Using a framework that includes on-demand and informal training powered by AI can reduce the time, effort…

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Train franchisees with engaging, cloud-based tools

November 30, 2018

As a franchisor, there are many responsibilities that fall on you. The most important, which sets the foundation for a successful franchise, is training. Without the proper guidance, you cannot expect your franchisees to help grow your business in the way that…

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The Secret to Sales Engagement Lies in Better Retail Training

November 28, 2018

Employee training is hard. But, it’s vital. Especially in retail.  Some companies see training as time-consuming and an unnecessary investment that can drain the budget. Retail managers feel the pain that comes with operating in an industry that is notorious for high…

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18 Indicators You Could Benefit from a Modern Sales Learning Platform

November 21, 2018

The world is changing. Information is more accessible, business is more mobile, and salespeople need a modern way to learn. The answer to onboarding and training has traditionally been the LMS, or Learning Management System. However, an LMS separates learning from a…


Math in Microlearning: Boost Your Bottom Line with Bite-Sized Training for Sales Teams

November 19, 2018

Microlearning: it’s been a buzzword so long we almost don’t remember a universe without it. But, the thing about buzzwords is, sometimes they stick because they make sense. If you ask us, that’s where we’ve landed with microlearning. We’ve turned the corner from…