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Increasing Employee Engagement: Information vs. Knowledge

April 16, 2019

Give people new information and they forget more than 50 percent of it within one hour. Two-thirds of that information vanishes from their mind in a day. That’s according to Hermann Ebbinghaus’ “Forgetting Curve” commonly referenced in general psychology. Transferring information from…

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5 Steps to Building a Mobile-Ready Sales Performance Support System

February 22, 2019

After your marketing team goes through the process of identifying what content your should produce, it’s time to find the best way to get that content to your sales team. Here’s 5 steps to build and sustain a cost-effective program for delivering sales content.…


The Attributes of Successful Sales Content

February 13, 2019

Creating impactful content is not a simple undertaking. It requires a thoughtful, reasoned approach to match the design of each content item with the necessary attributes. It is an ongoing process that adapts to changing customer needs and quickly adopts new forms…


The Recipe for Designing a Premier UI/UX Experience

January 31, 2019

When designing a UI (User Interface), there are many factors that contribute to an overall great experience.  Of these factors to consider, the most important by far is of course the user. It seems obvious that the most crucial part of a…


Moving from Sales Documents to a Database of Selling Knowledge

December 7, 2018

Part 2 of Driving Success from Sales Enablement Investments Blog Series  Every sales journey starts with a great conversation In solution selling and value-based selling programs, we all know the challenges our sales teams face: Robin GriffithsRobin is an expert in insight-based selling and…

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Making Content Discoverable

November 26, 2018

Part 1 of Driving Success from Sales Enablement Investments Blog Series  The original driver for the development of sales enablement platforms was the imperative to make it easier for sales people to put their hands on the right materials for a given sales situation.…