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Breaking Down the Definition of Sales Enablement

September 17, 2019

In the world of business software, sales enablement comes up often — and with good reason. Practitioners, managers, contributors, purchasers, critics, administrators, and of course the all-important end-user – sales and service professionals depend on this advanced software to “Learn faster, sell…

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The Key to Developing a Critical Management Mindset

July 15, 2019

In my career in sales, I have been fortunate enough to rise to a level where I am responsible for managing people. Mark ShalinskyMark is a Director of Inside Sales SkySync, the leader in content migration and synchronization used by some of…

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How to Structure a Sales Playbook [2019]

June 20, 2019

Part 7 of Driving Success from Sales Enablement Investments Blog Series  There’s a lot talk right now about sales playbooks, but how do you structure a playbook and what sort of content should you include? Robin GriffithsRobin is an expert in insight-based selling…

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The Role of Sales Coaching and Training in Sales Enablement (2019)

May 29, 2019

Sales enablement can be a confusing term. Sales enablement software providers, analysts, and journalists often focus on different areas and provide varying definitions. John MooreVP of Revenue Enablement, Bigtincan. Collaborating to increase the value of the Sales Enablement profession globally.

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Sales Coaching Improves Win Rates by 31%

April 26, 2019

Sales Enablement through sales coaching is definitely not a new topic, it’s been around for as long as we have had sales people.  While the oft-noted sale of Manhattan by native Americans in the 1600s for $24 is equal parts fact and…

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Sales Coaching vs. Sales Training: What’s the Difference?

April 25, 2019

I’m often reminded of a common conversation between a CEO and CFO. The CFO asks how much will it cost us if we train a rep and they leave? To which the CEO responds, “How much will it cost us if we don’t…

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A New Dawn for Sales Coaching

March 14, 2019

Sales managers aren’t born coaches! At virtually every company I’ve ever worked for, people are promoted to become sales managers on the basis of their selling track record not their ability to manage and coach a team. Robin GriffithsRobin is an expert…

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Creating an Effective Sales Coaching Program

March 6, 2019

Why is sales coaching important? You can have the best product in the world, but if your frontline sales teams do not know how to get that product from the shelf into the hands of your customers, you’re in trouble. It’s time…

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The One Thing Your Sales Training is Missing

March 4, 2019

Take your training to the next level with sales gamification Training and motivating are loaded words. Traditional sales training is often outdated, boring and ineffective. Motivating sales teams to show up and be their best day after day takes time, energy and…

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The Pitfalls of Poor Training and Development Programs

February 25, 2019

Training and developing employees is hard. It’s time consuming. It’s expensive. And more often than not, you can invest every cent in your budget, and pour in hours creating a training program, and still be unsure if it’s actually serving its purpose.…