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Bigtincan Takes Top Prize in Salesforce Demo Jam

                                                    Bigtincan co-founder and CEO David Keane 

On Tuesday, the Bigtincan team joined the New York Salesforce community of users and partners for the Salesforce World Tour. It was a great event and we wanted to send a big thank you to all of you who turned up to say hello.

This event was especially exciting for us, as we were invited to go head-to-head against four other top startups who have created some fantastic technology around the ecosystem in what Salesforce call their “Demo Jam”. Demo Jam is an opportunity for attendees at Dreamforce to get a fast-paced showcase of the best new technology all in one place. All competitors have to be on the AppExchange and have exciting, powerful technology that makes the life of Salesforce users and administrators better. Each participating company had three minutes to give an elevator-pitch type demo without the use of any slides or recordings. Everything is completely live! Once all of the competitors have presented, the live audience and those participating online visit a link to vote for their favorite presenter.

Our competition was steep – we were up against amazing group of apps, including Congo, Openrise, Samange and TimeTrade. Bigtincan co-founder and CEO, David Keane led our demo –  with Stephanie Schalow on the keyboard – which was themed “A Day in the Life of a Sales Rep.” The BTC team outlined how every day sales reps juggle information across multiple devices and are under constant pressure to stay as efficient and productive as possible. And when it’s time to get in front of a customer or prospect, sales reps need to present information that is engaging enough to satisfy the customer or win the deal.

We showed how Bigtincan Hub uses unique SalesAI technology to push content to sales reps in a format that presents seamlessly in Salesforce Lightning and also logs all relevant details of a meeting – who attended, the opportunities presented, what content was used, etc. – directly into Salesforce with one click of a button. We also demonstrated some new Outlook integration features that we’ll be announcing soon – stay tuned!

Needless to say, we blew our audience away and we’re proud to be the winners of Demo Jam Dreamforce NYC! If you’re a Salesforce user and plan to attend the Salesforce World Tour Event in London on May 18 or in Boston on May 31, let us know in the comments below or email us at and we’ll schedule some time to give you a first-hand demo of how Bigtincan Hub can work for your organization.

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