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Bigtincan ships latest update to Bigtincan Hub for iOS

We are really excited to let you know that Bigtincan has just released the latest version of Bigtincan Hub – v5.0.5

FiveOfive, as we call it, is a lot more than just a simple dot release – this new version includes a number of great new capabilities that will really impact the way sales and service users engage with their content on an iOS device.

First, the new software includes enhancements around advanced search, new PDF performance, UI and annotations capabilities. And for those of you who are using Bigtincan Hub for multiuser access – great for sharing a single device in a retail location – the improved user switcher works better than ever.

A list of key new features and enhancements is detailed here, but we really hope you get a chance to download your own copy from the AppStore and give it a go…we know you’ll love it!

Bigtincan 5_0_5 update

Key New Features and Enhancements in Bigtincan Hub for iOS v5.0.5

• Advanced search system built right into the iOS app.
• This capability now allows for advanced search in each category of returned results, and results can now be filtered by additional parameters to provide increased relevance – it’s the biggest change in search ever!
• Searching for Notes is included in the update.
• Apple Pencil is now supported when creating drawings in Notes.
• New PDF display options including single page and continuous view mode – ideal for presenting a PDF from the Hub, with enhanced pinch to zoom, long tap to select text and double tap to go full page and a significant increase in PDF performance.
• Added support for additional languages including English (UK), French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
• Improved chat performance, including better connectivity, multi-device (including on the web with Webapp v5 – see more below).
• Improved PDF annotations display options – including our new PDF annotations toolbox – it’s going to make annotating on PDFs much easier.
• Improved account switching user experience – including personalization of your account. if you haven’t tried multi-user yet then this is the best reason to give it a try.
• Improved user experience when re-authenticating – phew no more pressing Sign-out by accident.

Resolved Issues & Improvements

• App closed unexpectedly while downloading user content.
• Studio files could not be opened in the app.
• Forms could not be submitted successfully if it had the % special character in it.
• User could not read file from an encrypted channel via Content Services.
• Switching accounts caused the app to close unexpectedly.
• Quickfile activity was not being recorded correctly.
• Overall performance and reliability enhancements.

Version 5 Webapp

We would like to remind you that there is a preview of our future update to the Webapp available now at

V5 of the Webapp brings all of the great capabilities of the latest mobile app to the web. As this is a major update for the Webapp, we wanted to let you know that we are delivering this update through a staged process.

This approach means that existing users will be able to continue using the current Webapp as they do today, with the option of viewing their content in the new Webapp as desired.

During this preview period we will be connecting with all admins to provide training and answer questions regarding the update. We think you and your users are going to love it, as this enhancement will help increase adoption and usage across the system. A few screenshots and access details are available by clicking on the link below – take a look and get a feel for what the new Webapp will be like.

The initial release of Webapp v5 will contain a full featured set for viewing and working with content – with additional capabilities like content creation and updated Admin structures being added over time. So for the initial preview, remember content creation and Admin will still occur in the existing Webapp.

We have also included a Feedback button on the new Webapp that will allow you to provide us direct input into the way the new Webapp works. We would love to hear what you think!

Thank you again for your commitment to the Bigtincan Hub platform and we hope you enjoy the new Webapp and v5.0.5 as much as we do useful content.

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