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Bigtincan Offers Day Zero Compatibility with iOS12

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Apple’s big iOS announcement. This year, we are getting the gift of iOS12.

However, with the excitement typically comes concern over the operation of user applications, especially for IT teams.  It is not uncommon for applications to stop working or perform poorly after an OS update. For those using Apple devices for personal use, that is typically only a minor inconvenience, and with a quick update of their device, they’re off to the races.

However, the business world doesn’t always get off so easy.  A few hours, or days, without a core business application can have huge implications, especially in a world where business never sleeps. Updates are not a simple process, and IT teams often have to be removed from their current projects to ensure that their corporate apps will function properly with the new update.

But fear not, business world! Here at Bigtincan, we understand the importance of reliable applications when it comes to enterprise and SMB organizations alike.  After a thorough vetting of business applications, Apple selects the best solution providers for each market segment to become an Apple Mobility Partner Program (MPP) participant. Bigtincan’s selection into the MPP means we have the pleasure of being intimately involved in new iOS updates –  working closely with Apple’s team to ensure that our platform is the best it can be for Apple users, taking advantage of the user-friendliness and capabilities within iOS that only Apple can offer.

We are happy to announce that Bigtincan’s family of solutions including Bigtincan Hub and Bigtincan Zunos for iOS are pre-tested to be completely compatible with iOS12, at the very moment the update is released.  Some of the exciting developments that Bigtincan can support within iOS12 are FaceID on iPad, Apple Watch OS5 notifications, and more, with a user interface optimized for all new phone formats.

Bigtincan users simply need to be sure that they are up-to-date with the latest version of the Bigtincan apps – available for free on the AppStore – to continue their work without missing a beat.

We are proud to be an MPP Partner, and are looking forward to seeing how our customers will use Bigtincan in new and innovative ways on iOS12.

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