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More from Bigtincan at Mobile World Congress!

Mobile World CongressThis year’s Mobile World Congress continues to excite with new product and technology announcements – in particular, the Bigtincan crew spent time at the SAP booth to see how the Apple/SAP partnership is growing. We see lots of interesting opportunities there for powerful interactions and built-in capabilities to integrate SAP core systems right from a mobile device.  We also visited Bigtincan partner, AT&T, who was showing its new 1Gb/s LTE – just imagine what you could do with that speed!

But Bigtincan’s visit to MWC would not be complete without talking about how people at the show are using Bigtincan Hub to help them to improve how they present, collaborate and share.

At this year’s show, Bigtincan is working with, the team behind the Holland Pavilion at MWC. The Holland Pavilion brings together some the most exciting new and established Dutch businesses to MWC in an integrated location. Each of the featured organizations is given a dedicated ‘pod’ where they can demonstrate their technology, and gain access to a shared presentation and meeting place to engage with attendees on their vision for the future of mobility.

To make the process completely seamless, MobileMindz is using the Bigtincan Hub platform to empower each of the company presenters and support staff at the show with ready-to-go booth materials, a communications system using the HubChat feature of Bigtincan Hub and access to the shared space in one location. And they are doing all this with the security needed to ensure that each organization has access to their individual content, so they can feel safe in managing their critical technology plans whilst at the event. A lost device? No problem. With Bigtincan Hub the leading sales enablement platform, they can completely remote wipe their content (not the entire device = nice) and protect their information.

Overall, the team at MobileMindz has turned the entire pavilion into a content-centric information system that brings together all the materials that people need, when they need them. Moreover, with the Hub’s built-in analytics, they can see who is getting the most engagement from their materials and what the audience likes to see.

It’s great to see the Hub being used again at MWC. We are looking forward to the final day of the conference, and if any of you are here – just comment here or tweet us @Bigtincan, we would love to meet up!

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