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Bigtincan launches client for Microsoft Windows 10

As part of our ongoing commitment to support all of the many types of devices that people use, Bigtincan is pleased to announce that we are now shipping our latest client – Bigtincan Hub for Windows 10.

Built on our V5 platform Bigtincan for Windows 10, brings powerful capabilities for sales and service execs, including the ability to directly add information about customer meetings to CRM, the ability to share content with reporting and analytics directly from the standard Windows 10 sharing platform, and new content renderers that make all types of content work the way they were always meant to be used, right on the mobile device. And of course, there are other important features that make it easy to distribute, manage, and measure of the use of just about any content you can digitally create.

And best of all, as a Windows Universal Application, Bigtincan Hub for Windows 10 runs natively on all Windows 10 devices, enabling users to take full advantage of all different device formats, from phones, tablets, and convertible laptops, to the largest desktop computer. Beyond the world of Windows, users can access exactly the same materials and information on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and the Web (through our powerful web app).

Bigtincan Hub for Windows is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to the native Windows platform, building on our years of support that began with our first release for Windows 7 in 2013.

This new version for Windows 10 is available as a free download in the Windows App Store.

We can’t wait to see what you think of the new app and to hear how you are using it to further your success in the field.

Bigtincan launches client for Microsoft Windows 10

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