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Bigtincan meets Siri!

Salespeople and retail associates can now use their voice to work with Bigtincan’s market-leading sales enablement platform, improving productivity and providing the flexibility to work with customers in a way that is more natural and easier than ever before.

It is 2018; your sales team needs a sales enablement platform to enable access to all sales related content and collateral, learning and knowledge development systems, and company communications to keep them winning. However, the needs of sales and service staff are changing, the speed and competitiveness of the market are increasing rapidly. How can we do more to help our teams to win more and get more things done every day?

Sales enablement platforms, like Bigtincan Hub, have been designed to make your sales team more productive. Bigtincan Hub creates a unified platform which helps your sales team win more deals, be better prepared than ever before, and get more done by improving productivity through automation of sales tasks (like updating the CRM).

From our initial founding in 2011, Bigtincan has been helping our customers deliver higher levels of success and increased engagement by assisting sales staff to focus on what counts – customer relationships. Bigtincan Hub leads the market with consumer level simplicity and enterprise level functionality, scalability and security.

We knew we could do more. We focused on SalesAI (Our machine learning platform underpinning our core Artificial Intelligence capabilities), we concentrate on the details, and we continue to progress towards our goal of making every interaction count.

At the 2018 NRF BigShow in New York City, we are taking another step forward. Bigtincan will be demonstrating an extension of our SalesAI platform with integration to Apple Siri. Bigtincan Hub enabled with dynamic voice capabilities through Apple Siri.

For any sales person or retail associate who understands what its like to be busy running between customer meetings, internal briefings, conference calls and more the ability to uses Siri to get help with recommended content, reviewing customer notes, and even communicating with peers, and experts more is something that could make a big difference.

What can Siri do for a Bigtincan Hub user? It all starts with being able to get help in finding and working with recommended content. Want to locate the latest photos of the new product offering? Just say ‘Hey Siri, find me photos of our new product release in Hub’ – and Siri will send you to Bigtincan Hub and then directly to the content so that you may review and share with customers.

Want to send a message to the product expert at HQ? With Siri and Bigtincan Hub just say ‘Hey Siri, send a message to Amber Chan in Hub’ – then ask for what you need ‘Please send me the latest approved PPT on product X’ – send the message in Hub, and then Amber can send you the latest approved PPT right within Hub.

What about notes? You’ve finally moved from yellow stickies to Smart Notes inside Bigtincan Hub. Now Siri can help you to find what you need. Just say ‘Hey Siri, search Hub Notes for product X details’, and Siri will show you the most relevant note(s), allow you to touch the one you need and jump right to it – all in Bigtincan Hub.

Look for Siri integration to come to your Bigtincan Hub environment in 2018. We would love to hear from you and understand how you see Siri driving sales success and productivity in your world.

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