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Bigtincan Hub on the Amazon Store

At Bigtincan, we have always focused on ensuring that sales and service professionals could get access to the right content at the right time and location, no matter how they choose to work. We understand and believe that the best content needs to be available for the user right in the place where they choose it to be – in other words, content should flow seamlessly for the user from screen to screen. As part of that commitment, Bigtincan is pleased to announce that we are now shipping Bigtincan Hub optimized for the Fire OS device on the Amazon Appstore.

This means that users can now get the same powerful, intelligent content on their Fire OS-based devices*. In addition, any content used on that device will get reported on and will help to update Bigtincan Content Intelligence, as well as our machine learning and AI algorithms built into the Bigtincan system.

Best of all, the Hub for Fire OS is integrated with Amazon’s built-in Fire OS capabilities, including push notifications and alerting, and is optimized for the multiple screen sizes and tablet formats available with Fire OS.

Download Bigtincan Hub on Amazon today to enjoy the industry’s leading mobile, AI-powered sales enablement platform for sales and service teams.Bigtincan Hub_Amazon_Fire OS

*Bigtincan Hub for Fire OS needs a device with Fire OS 5.1 or above.

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