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bigtincan hub for iOS, version 4.1.4

The eagerly awaited latest release of Bigtincan Hub for iOS has arrived.

Bigtincan Hub for iOS, v4.1.4 delivers Bigtincan Hub to your Apple Watch. Easily see the latest content, control presentations and dictate Notes on the go using your Apple Watch. These are just a few of the things that you can do using your Apple Watch and bigtincan hub.

Deploy Bigtincan Hub across your Apple devices to make the most of your content from your wrist, your pocket and your desk. Bigtincan Hub, by exploiting features such as Handoff, allows you to transition seamlessly from one device to another. Bigtincan Hub ensures that your sales content is always up to date and ready to be used.

For users, sharing content via HubShare uses integration to simplify the effort and time involved. Whether you are using Bigtincan Hub on your iPad or iPhone, your information is readily available when sharing content.

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