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bigtincan hub and Salesforce – perfect partners!

We have previously discussed bigtincan’s hubShare feature and how useful it can be. The latest releases of bigtincan hub extend this into

If you are using on a regular basis, this is where your contacts are likely to reside. hubShare can now use these salesforce contacts. Now, when selecting people that you wish to share content with, your salesforce contacts will be included. (These are easily identified by the SF symbol). No longer do you have to swap apps to find the contact you wish to use.

After the hubShare has been sent, an activity record is stored in against the contact(s) you selected with the information about the content that you have shared. You will also be able to see when the recipient opens the content. Remembering to update with your sharing activity becomes a thing of the past. bigtincan hub does it for you.

bigtincan hub can also create activity follow-ups and reminders directly into Salesforce. It is also possible to link hubShare actions to a salesforce opportunity or account. Simply select the opportunity or account in when hubSharing and activity records will be created automatically.

Like the idea but don’t want the hassle of changing options and settings?

As a bigtincan hub and user, you do not need to do anything. Provided your organization’s administrator has allowed access, your information will automatically appear in HubShare and day-to-day activities become simpler.

bigtincan hub and, a perfect partnership!

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