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Bigtincan Granted U.S. Patent for Content Management System

We are very proud to announce that Bigtincan was recently granted a Patent (14/436805) for our Content Management System in the United States. Our patent describes key Bigtincan IP including our push-based content delivery system, the smart content rating and relevancy approach to recommending content, and a unique approach to content bundling that allows multiple pieces of content to be grouped together to create a single addressable item, as well as other Bigtincan IP.

These technologies are described in the patent as key technologies that have now become commonplace in the sales enablement marketplace.  The use of content bundles that allow sales people to have materials grouped together creating relevance between different types of content (in preparation for an important prospect meeting, for instance) has allowed the sales person to be better prepared to engage with customers – and make the most of each customer touchpoint.  Using an understanding of the value of content to determine relevance and value is now used to help recommend how salespeople can improve their chance of advancing a deal, and with push based content delivery – a sales person no longer needs to search and surf through files and folders to get what they need, but rather have it pushed to them on a mobile device or computer.

Receiving this patent was important to Bigtincan to not only provide protection for the IP that our team has created, but also an important step in being able to demonstrate this key technology to the market and to describe what we felt was critical to both our customers and the future of sales enablement.

IP protection has been a major part of Bigtincan’s strategy and the granting of this patent is an important step in putting the proper protection in place for Bigtincan and our customers as they use our platform to sell more and be more productive every day.  We are very proud of our engineering team for their continued accomplishments and vision!

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