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Bigtincan Featured in Bowery Capital’s 3rd Annual Startup Sales Stack Report

2017 Startup Sales Stack ReportA big shout out to the team at Bowery Capital (and Nic Poulos) for featuring Bigtincan in the 2017 Startup Sales Stack Report! It’s amazing to be included among such great company.

Bowery Capital is a venture capital fund based in San Francisco and New York, and the company has been publishing its Sales Stack for the past three years. The stack is an interesting, comprehensive review of different sales enablement, and support applications and solutions – such as lead generation, calling, outreach management and more – and how they work together to empower organizations to greater success.

In particular, we think the Bowery team does a good job of identifying where the different parts of the sales optimization challenge fit together.* For the causal reader and the experienced sales enablement specialist alike, it’s nice to have another reference point to the leaders in this growing and dynamic market, and a thorough guide for evaluating the entire scope of sales lifecycle solutions.

To celebrate being included in the Startup Sales Stack Report, Bigtincan is offering some extra special services around our 30-day free trial, which you can take advantage of here: Mention Bowery in any of the fields and you will get additional free services around your trial to make it even more successful.

2017 certainly continues to be the year of sales enablement, and at Bigtincan we are excited to have the opportunity to work with an impressive range of organizations and sales teams as they continue to experience the power of the Bigtincan Hub.

*P.S. – Nic, lets catch up and chat about how the Bigtincan collateral creation tools work – it would be great to be featured there in the future too 😉

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