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Customer Success is What Matters

Hello.  This is my first blog post at Bigtincan but certainly not my last.  I plan on using my writing as another means of reaching out to our customers and, most importantly, listening to what they have to say.

Oh, wait, forgot to introduce myself.  My name is John Moore and I recently joined Bigtincan as the Vice President of Customer Success.  I’ll talk more about Customer Success in future articles, and will share with you the good and bad of what I am hearing from our customers, my observations about our products, our services, and probably countless other topics.


This post is simply an introduction to who I am and why I joined Bigtincan.  I am a geek at heart but believe that the best technology does not always win in the market.  I have always believed that the companies that best partner with their customers to achieve their business goals win in the end.


I began my career at Lotus Development when DOS was the only operating system on these strange new things known as personal computers.  I had the privilege to work on revolutionary products like 1-2-3 and Notes and learned from the brightest people in the industry.  I began my journey with hosted applications back in 2000 when I started at a company named Brainshark, an early pioneer in the space.  Once again, I worked with amazing people on an amazing product and am grateful for every interaction I had with my co-workers and customers.  I learned a lot, had successes and failures, and will always be appreciative of my time there.


Throughout my career I have risen to C and VP levels in engineering and professional services and have managed teams ranging from QA Test to engineering, to support and professional services.  The success of our customers was always at the forefront and I am honored to now have the opportunity to work closely with all of you.  Enough about me.  No one likes someone who keeps talking about themselves.


Why did I join Bigtincan?  When I evaluate a company I look for a strong market, outstanding leadership, a solid product and surrounding services, and an opportunity where I can use my skills while learning new ones.


Bigtincan sits at the center of an amazing market.  Sales Enablement is a multi-billion dollar market on it’s own.  Learning and onboarding is even larger.  Check.


Outstanding leadership.  The leadership team at Bigtincan knows the industries we work with, are rigorous to their approach to their roles, and are genuinely good people.  Having deep expertise in industries from life sciences to retail, from manufacturing to telecomm, they are an inspiring group.  Check.


Outstanding product and services.  Bigtincan is a platform delivering sales enablement and learning capabilities.  It’s rich APIs and mobile delivery capabilities are impressive, as is the depth of the data the platform collects on how users leverage the content being delivered.  Check and Check.


Bigtincan, the company, is at an exciting point in its history.  With many recent additions we are ready to continue to deliver, and improve upon the delivery of, our solutions across countless industries.  Being in a position to actively interact with customers, and ensure they are getting value from their purchase in our solutions, is extremely exciting.


I look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with all of our current and future customers.   The Success of our Customers is critical.  Are you ready to win together?


John Moore

John Moore Vice President, Customer Success


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